Front cover image for Sync : the emerging science of spontaneous order

Sync : the emerging science of spontaneous order

"At once elegant and riveting, SYNC tells the story of the dawn of a new science. As one of its pioneers, Steven Strogatz, a leading mathematician in the fields of chaos and complexity theory, it explains how enormous systems can synchronize themselves, from the electrons in a superconductor to the pacemaker cells in our hearts. He shows that although these phenomena might seem unrelated on the surface, at a deeper level there is a connection, forged by the unifying power of mathematics." "Along with vivid explanations of cutting-edge theory, Strogatz provides an intimate and highly personal narrative filled with often humerous anecdotes about some of the visionary thinkers of our time. He also describes the startling applications of this new knowledge, such as the harnessing of synchronized electrons to create the world's most sensitive detectors, able to locate oil buried deep underground and to pinpoint diseased tissues associated with epilepsy and heart arrhythmias."--Jacket
Print Book, English, ©2003
Hyperion, New York, ©2003
viii, 338 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
9780786868445, 0786868449
Fireflies and the inevitability of sync
Brain waves and the conditions for sync
Sleep and the daily struggle for sync
The sympathetic universe
Quantum choruses
Synchronized chaos
Sync in three dimensions
Small-world networks
The human side of sync