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Texts and studies : contributions to Biblical and Patristic literature

eBook, English, 1891-
University Press, Cambridge, 1891-
1 online resource (Vol. 1 pt. 4, 2 pt. 2-3, 3 pt. 1-3, 4-7 pt. 1-4, 8 pt. 1-4, 9, pt. 1-2.)
sol. 1 pt. 4. The Fragments of Heracleon.- Vol. 2 pt. 2. The Testament of Abraham.- Vol. 2 pt. 3. Apocrypha Anecdota.- Vol. 3 pt. 1. The Book of rules of Tyconius, by F.C. Burkitt.- Vol. 3 pt. 2. The Fourth Book of Ezra, by R.L. Bensly.- Vol. 3 pt. 3. Eutheliana, by J. Armitage Robinson.- Vol. 4. The Athanasian Creed, by A.E. Burn.- Vol. 5. Apocrypha Anecdota, Sec.Ser., ed. by M.R. Hames.- Vol. 6. The Lausiac history of Palladius, by D.C. Butler.- Vol. 7 pt. 1. The meaning of Homoousios in the 'Constantinopolitan' Creed, by J.F. Bethune-Baker.- Vol. 7 pt. 2. S. Ephraim's quotations from the Gospel, comp. by F.C. Burkitt.- Vol. 7 pt. 3. Codex I of the Gospels and its allies, by Kirsopp Lake.- Vol. 7 pt. 4. A Study of Ambrosiaster, by A. Souter.- Vol. 8 pt. 1. The Liturgical homilies of Narsai, tr. by R.H. Connolly.- Vol. 8 pt. 2. The Mishna on idolatry 'Aboda Zara, ed. by W.A.L. Elmslie.- Vol. 8 pt. 3. The Odes of Solomon, ed. by J.H. Bernard.- Vol. 8 pt. 4. The so-called Egyptian Church Order and derived documents, by R.H. Connolly.- Vol. 9 pt. 1. Souter, Alexander.- Pelagius's expositions of thirteen Epistles of St. Paul. Introduction.- Vol. 9 pt. 2. Souter Alexander. Pelagius's Expositions of Thirteen Epistles of St. Paul II. Text and apparatus criticus Free eBook from the Internet Archive Additional information and access via Open Library