Front cover image for The Jewish Americans : three centuries of Jewish voices in America

The Jewish Americans : three centuries of Jewish voices in America

Recounts the story of Jews in America, from the mid-seventeenth century to the present day, examining the contributions of the Jewish people to American culture, politics, and society
Print Book, English, 2007
Doubleday, New York, 2007
x, 388 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
9780385521390, 0385521391
Part One: They came to stay (1654-1880)
A plea for Jewish rights in the new nation: Jonas Phillips
"To bigotry no sanction": correspondence between George Washington and the Jews of Newport, Rhode Island
A mother bemoans her daughter's marriage: Abigail Franks
The challenge of Jewish observance in colonial America: Rebecca Samuel
Jewish self-defense in post-Revolutionary America: Benjamin Nones
A refuge for Jews in upstate New York: Mordecai Noah
Changing Judaism in America: the Reformed Society of Israelites
Diary of a Jewish peddler: Abraham Kohn
Women's role in Jewish education: Rebecca Gratz
The architect of reform Judaism: Isaac Mayer Wise
A Jewish colonel in the Civil War: Marcus Spiegel
A Union soldier's Passover seder: J.A. Joel
Response to General Grant's Order No. 11: Isaac Leeser
Pioneer of the American West: Anna Freudenthal Solomon
From immigrant to department store owner: Isidor Straus
Success and exclusion: Joseph Seligman
Sidebar 1: Emma Lazarus, "In the Jewish synagogue at Newport"
Sidebar 2: Isaac Leeser's Catechism for Jewish Children (1839)
Part Two: A world of their own (1880-1924)
The journey to America: Alexander Harkavy
Going West: Rachel Calof
Landsmanshaftn: Jewish Hometown Societies
Making it in America: Jacob Sholtz
Voice of the immigrant Jewish community: Abraham Cahan
Advice for Jewish immigrants: the Bintel Brief
An immigrant Jewish girl from Poland: Sadie Frowne
Jewish women organize: Hannah G. Solomon
A baseball primer for Jewish immigrants
Organizing the workers: Clara Lemlich
Protesting lives lost: Rose Schneiderman
Popular idol of the Yiddish stage: Boris Thomashefsky
The Jewish King Lear: Jacob Adler
A life devoted to anarchism: Emma Goldman
Jewish women on strike: the Kosher Meat Boycott of 1902
Standard-bearer of conservative Judaism: Solomon Schechter
Making Zionism an American movement: Louis D. Brandeis
Founder of Hadassah: Henrietta Szold
Philanthropist and communal leader: Jacob Schiff
The lynching of Leo Frank
Sidebar 1: Emma Lazarus, "The New Colossus"
Sidebar 2: Morris Rosenfeld, "My Little Boy" [Mein Yingele]. Part Three: The best of times, the worst of times (1924-1945)
Lifelong socialist: Irving Howe
Writer and feminist: Vivian Gornick
Jewish quotas at Harvard: an exchange between Alfred A. Benesch and A. Lawrence Lowell
Communal leader: Louis Marshall
Founder of Reconstructionist Judaism: Mordecai M. Kaplan
Crafting an American orthodoxy: Bernard Revel
Creator of The Goldbergs: Gertrude Berg
Star of Yiddish theater and film: Molly Picon
Studio mogul: Jack Warner
Red-hot mama: Sophie Tucker
Jewish baseball icon: Hank Greenberg
Businessman and philanthropist: Julius Rosenwald
"Is there a Jewish point of view?": Albert Einstein
Rabbi and activist: Stephen S. Wise
Advocate for rescue: Henry Morgenthau, Jr
Witness to history: Ruth Gruber
Sidebar 1: Irving Berlin and Edgar Leslie, "Sadie Salome Go Home!"
Sidebar 2: Selection from Jewish Home Beautiful
Sidebar 3: Edgar A. Guest, "Speaking of Greenberg"
Part Four: Home (1945-Present)
A World War II soldier writes home: Joseph Feivish
a magazine for postwar Jewry: Elliot Cohen
Jewish Miss America: Bess Myerson
America's relationship to the new state of Israel: Jacob Blaustein
A difference of opinion on the death sentence of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
Pioneer of television comedy: Sid Caesar
Fifty years of comedy: Carl Reiner
Theologian and activist: Abraham Joshua Heschel
Feminist pioneer: Betty Friedan
Dual identities: Julius Lester
Reflections of America's first woman rabbi: Sally Priesand
Jewish feminist pioneers: Ezrat Nashim
The freedom seder: Arthur Waskow
An American, a Jew, a writer by trade: Saul Bellow
Political playwright: Tony Kushner
Supreme Court Justice: Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Humorist and columnist: Art Buchwald
Sidebar 1: Lenny Bruce, "Jewish and Goyish"
Sidebar 2: The Freedom Seder
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