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The Michelangelo Project

The book addresses a question asked by millions of people: what should I do for a job? Whether the problem is because they are in a rut, don't have enough work, feel lost, bored or stuck, or are still seeking their 'true purpose', the fundamental question is whether 'jobs' as we know them have outlived their usefulness. In contemplating how we can bridge the gap between the life of meaning we desire and that offered by a life of employment, we have a figure to look to for inspiration: the 15th century master, Michelangelo, whose legacy includes the Sistine Chapel and the statue of David. His success came not from choosing a career, in fact he resisted being boxed into a profession. Instead he embraced the opportunities as they came his way, applying his innate understanding of form and teaching himself the rest to astonishing effect. In our current world of immense change, we are faced with impending economic and social turmoil as our dependence on jobs designed for the past industrial era see more people at risk of unemployment due, not to the unavailability of work, but the inadequacy of their skills for the digital era. The Michelangelo Project is ultimately a book about creating our own opportunities for work that sustains our financial, emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual and social well-being
Print Book, English, 2019
Meta Management Press, Port Melbourne, VIC, 2019
9780648546900, 9780648546917, 9780648546924, 064854690X, 0648546918, 0648546926
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