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The Oxford handbook of U.S. judicial behavior

Lee Epstein (Editor), Stefanie A. Lindquist (Editor)
"[This book offers] an introduction and analysis of research regarding decision making by judges serving on federal and state courts in the U.S...[This handbook] describes and explains how the courts' political and social context, formal institutional structures, and informal norms affect judicial decision making. The Handbook also explores the impact of judges' personal attributes and preferences, as well as prevailing legal doctrine, influence, and shape case outcomes in state and federal courts. The volume also proposes avenues for future research in the various topics addressed throughout the book."-- Provided by publisher
Print Book, English, 2017
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Oxford University Press, Oxford, United Kingdom, 2017
xxviii, 595 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm.
9780199579891, 019957989X
Appointing Federal Judges / Nancy Scherer
Appointing Supeme Court Justices / Christine L. Nemacheck
Judicial elections : judges and their "New-Style" constituencies / James L. Gibson and MIchael J. Nelson
Federal judicial tenure / Albert Yoon
Law clerks / Artemus Ward
Gatekeeping and filtering in Trial Courts / Christina L. Boyd
Access to intermediate appellate Courts / Donald R Songer and Susan B Haire
Agenda-setting on the U.S. Supreme Court / Ryan J. Owens and James Sieja
Courtroom proceedings in U.S. Federal Courts / Timothy R. Johnson
Opinion writing / Pamela C. Corley
Vertical Stare Decisis / Thomas G. Hansford
Law in judicial decision-making / David Klein
The strategic analysis of judicial behavior and the separation of powers / Chad L. Westerland
Judicial review / Tom Clark
The role of personal attributes and social backgrounds on judging / Tracy E. George and Taylor Grace Weaver
Ideology and partisanship / Justine D'Ella-Kueper and Jeffrey A. Segal
The economic analysis of judicial behavior / Lee Epstein and Jack Knight
Judges and their audiences / Lawrence Baum
Interest groups and the judiciary / Jared Perkins and Paul M. Collins, Jr
The relationship between courts and legislatures / Thomas M. Keck
Courts and executives / Jeffrey L. Yates and Scott Boddery
Covering the Courts / Rorie Solberg
The Supreme Court and public opinion / Joseph Daniel Ura and Alison Higgins Merrill
Judicial impact / Matthew E.K. Hall
Cognition in the Courts : analyzing the use of experiments to study legal decision-making / Eileen Braman
New Measurement technologies : a review and application to Nuremberg and Justice Jackson / Daniel E. Ho and Michael Morse
The use of observational data to study law and the judiciary / Sara C. Benesh