Front cover image for The astrological Neptune and the quest for redemption

The astrological Neptune and the quest for redemption

Liz Greene
Print Book, English, 1996
Samuel Weiser, York Beach, Me., 1996
Trivia and miscellanea
xix, 506 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9781578631971, 9780877288572, 1578631971, 0877288577
Part One Fons et Origo The Mythology of Neptune
Chapter 1: Creation
Chapter 2: The Pursuit of the Millennium
Chapter 3: The Advent of the Redeemer
Part Two Hysteria Coniunctionis The Psychology of Neptune
Chapter 4: The Discovery of the Unconscious
Chapter 5: The Psychoanalytic Neptune
Chapter 6: The Liebestod
Part Three Anima Mundi Neptune and the Collective
Chapter 7: The Esoteric Neptune
Chapter 8: Neptune and Glamour
Chapter 9: The Political Neptune
Chapter 10: Neptune and the Artist
Part Four Ferculum Piscarium The Neptune Cookbook
Chapter 11: Neptune in the Houses
Chapter 12: Neptune in Aspect
Chapter 13: Neptune in Synastry and the Composite Chart
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