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The ethics of deconstruction : Derrida and Levinas

Simon Critchley (Author)
An expanded edition of the first book to argue for the ethical turn in Derrida's work. New for this edition. This third edition contains three new texts, and a new preface where Critchley reflects upon the origins, motivation and reception of The Ethics of Deconstruction The Ethics of Deconstruction, Simon Critchley's first book, was originally published to great acclaim in 1992. It was the first book to argue for the ethical turn in Derrida's work and to show as powerfully as possible how deconstruction has persuasive ethical consequences that are vital to our thinking through of questions of politics and democracy. Rather than being concerned with deconstruction in terms of the contradictions inherent in any text - an approach typical of the early Derrida and those in literary criticism aiming to extract a critical method for an application to literature - Critchley concerns himself with the philosophical context necessary for an understanding of the ethics of deconstructive reading. Far from being some sort of value-free nihilism or textual free-play, Critchley showed the ethical impetus that was driving Derrida's work. His claim was that Derrida's understanding of ethics has to be understood in relation to his engagement with the work of Levinas and the book lays out the details of their philosophical confrontation
eBook, English, 2014
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Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, 2014
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9780748689330, 9780748689347, 0748689338, 0748689346
The ethics of deconstruction: the argument
The problem of closure in Derrida
Clotural readings I: 'Bois', Derrida's final word on Levinas
Clotural readings II: wholly otherwise: Levinas' reading of Derrida
A question of politics: the future of deconstruction
Appendixes : The ethics of deconstruction: an attempt at self-criticism
Habermas and Derrida get married
Emmanuel Levinas
Derrida: the reader
Leaving the climate of Heidegger's thinking
Five problems in Levinas' view of politics and the sketch of a solution to them
"First edition published by Blackwell Publishers 1992; Second edition published by Edinburgh University Press 1999"--Title page verso