Front cover image for The serpent's fury

The serpent's fury

Kelley Armstrong (Author)
"Rowan the Royal Monster Hunter, and her twin brother, Rhydd, the future king if Tamarel, are struggling with their new responsibilities and the pressure to prove themselves to their mother's cousin Heward, who continues to undermine them and sow seeds of doubt within the council. The two are relieved when they're sent away from the castle and back to the Dunnian Woods to deal with a pack of dropbears trapped in an abandoned cabin after a vicious attack. The dropbears are just one of a number of rare monster species acting erratically in Tamarel. After a swarm of colocolos nearly tramples the group, Rowan becomes convinced that someone (or something) is driving these monsters out of their natural habitats. But nothing can prepare the Royal Monster Hunter for the truth of the matter : monsters even bigger and deadlier than gryphons have returned to the world, and they are upsetting the balance of nature. Do Rowan's 'monster magnet' skills work against the most fearsome monsters imaginable?"-- Jacket flap
Print Book, English, 2021
Puffin Canada, an imprint of Penguin Random House Canada Young Readers, a division of Penguin Random House of Canada Limited, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2021