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The user illusion cutting consciousness down to size

Tor Nørretranders (Author)
First published in 1998, the title refers to the simplistic mental image most of us have of our PCs. The author says our consciousness is our user illusion of ourselves. Drawing on scientific research from psychology and biology to physics and computer science, he makes a compelling case for putting consciousness in perspective.
Print Book, English, 1999
Penguin Books, London, 1999
XII, 467 S.
9780670875795, 9780140230123, 0670875791, 0140230122
Part 1 Computation: Maxwell's demon; throwing away information; infinite algorithms; the depth of complexity. Part 2 Communication: the tree of talking; the bandwidth of consciousness; the bomb of psychology; the view from within. Part 3 Consciousness: the half-second delay; Maxwell's Me; the user illusion; the origin of consiousness. Part 4 Composure: inside nothing; on the edge of chaos; the nonlinear line; the sublime.
Aus dem Dän. übers. - Includes index. - Bibliography. - This translation originally published: U.S.: Viking Penguin, 1998; London: Allen Lane, 1998