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Women and leadership : a contextual perspective

This book examines women's access to leadership roles and how these roles are perceived in society. It represents one of the first scholarly examinations of the burgeoning field of leadership. Using real-life examples and case studies of prominent women, Dr. Klenke explores the complex interactions between gender, leadership, and culture. Topics include the changing conceptions of leadership, women leaders in history, contemporary leadership theories, barriers to women's leadership, and women leaders worldwide. This volume is of primary interest to educators and students involved in women's st
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Foreword; Preface; Acknowledgements;
1 Changing Conceptions of Leadership;
2 Women Leaders in History;
3 Contemporary Leadership Theories: The Conceptual Thicket;
4 Women Leaders and Women Managers;
5 Women Leaders in the Media and Popular Literature;
6 Leadership and Gender in the Scientific Literature: How Real Are the Differences Between Women and Men?;
7 Visible and Not-so-Visible Barriers to Women's Leadership;
8 Contemporary Women Leaders in Different Contexts;
9 Women Leaders Worldwide: The Global Connection
10 Leadership Education and Development: Preparing Leaders for the 21st Century11 Conclusions; References; Index