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Ariel : the restored edition

"A restored edition of Sylvia Plath's collection of poems that were published after her death that restores the selection and arrangement of the poems as Plath left them at the point of her death."
Print Book, English, ©2004
HarperCollins Publishers, New York, ©2004
xxi, 211 pages ; 24 cm
9780060732592, 9780739452974, 9780060732608, 0060732598, 0739452975, 0060732601
Ariel and other poems
Facsimile of the manuscript for Ariel and other poems
Facsimile drafts of the poem "Ariel"
Appendix I: "The Swarm"
Facsimile draft of the poem "The Swarm"
Appendix II: Script for the BBC broadcast "New Poems by Sylvia Plath."