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The art of seeing things : essays

John Burroughs (Author), Charlotte Zoë Walker (Editor)
A departure from previous Burroughs anthologies, this volume celebrates the surprising range of the writing of John Burroughs -- religion, philosophy, literature, conservation, and farming. In doing so, it emphasizes the process of the literary naturalist, specifically the lively connection the author makes between perceiving nature and how perception permeates all aspects of life experiences. Book jacket
Print Book, English, 2001
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Syracuse University Press, Syracuse, New York, 2001
xx, 282 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
9780815628804, 9780815606789, 0815628803, 0815606788
The art of seeing things
Sharp eyes
The exhilarations of the road
The bluebird
Speckled trout
The crow
Phases of farm life
A walk in the fields
A cow in the capital
From "In green Alaska"
A hunt for the nightingale
The grist of the gods
From "The animal and the puzzle-box"
From Under the apple trees
Reading the book of nature
The spring bird procession
The ways of sportsmen
Keeping the iron from our souls
Emerson and the pine tree
Thoreau's wildness
From Whitman: a study
An egotistical chapter
The faith of a naturalist
An outlook upon life
Wild life about my cabin
From My boyhood
A John Burroughs bibliography