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British and foreign arms & armour

Print Book, English, 1909
T.C. & E.C. Jack, London, 1909
xv, 384 pages : including frontispiece, illustrations, plates ; 25 cm
Weapons of prehistoric man
The Assyrians
The Romans
Saxons and Danes
The Norman period to 1180
The chain mail period, 1180-1250
Chain mail reinforced, 1250-1325
The cyclas period, 1325-1335
The studded and splinted armour period, 1335-1360
The camail and jupon period, 1360-1410
The surcoatless period, 1410-1430
The tabard period, 1430-1500
The transition period, 1500-1525
Maximilian armour, 1525- 1600
The half-armour period after 1600
Weapons of the early and middle ages
Projectile-throwing engines
German, Italian, and other influences upon European armour
The introduction of gunpowder and its influence upon armour
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