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John Julius Norwich (Author)
Print Book, English, 1989
First American edition View all formats and editions
Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1989
3 volumes (407; xxxvii, 488; xxiv, 389 pages) : illustrations, maps, plates ; 24 cm
9780394537788, 9780394537795, 9780679416500, 0394537785, 0394537793, 0679416501
v.1: The early centuries: Constantine the great
The Adoption of the faith
Julian the apostate
The Empire at bay
The fall of Rome
Of heresies and Huns
The fall of the west
The rise of Justinian
Totila the Goth
The last years of Justinian
The downward drift
The first crusader
The Heraclian line
The emperor who lost his nose
The first iconoclasts
v.2: The apogee: Krum
The return of iconoclasm
The images restored
Of patriarchs and plots
Double murder
Basil the Macedonian
Leo the Wise
The rise of Romanus
The Gentle usurper
The scholar emperor
The white death of the Saracens
John Tzimisces
The young Basil
The Bulgar-slayer
The decline begins
The end of the Paphlagonians
Constantine Monomachus and the schism
Prelude to catastrophe
List of emperors
List of Muslim sultans
List of patriarchs
List of popes
v.3: The decline and fall: The rise of Alexius
The Normans
The first crusade
Alexius, the last years
John the Beautiful
The second crusade
Manuel Comnenus, the later years
Andronicus the Terrible
The fall of Jerusalem
The fourth crusade
The empire in exile
The city recovered
The Angevin threat
The uncertain unity
The Catalan vengeance
The two Andronici
Civil war
The reluctant emperor
The sultan's vassal
The appeal to Europe
The legacy of Tamburlaine
Laetentur Coeli!
The fall
List of emperors
The despotate of Epirus
List of Muslim sultans
List of popes
"Originally published in Great Britain by Viking, London, 1988"--Title page verso, v. [1]