Front cover image for Collected plays and poems, 1958-1988

Collected plays and poems, 1958-1988

J. P. Clark-Bekederemo (Author)
Print Book, English, 1991
Howard University Press, Washington, D.C., 1991
liv, 423 pages ; 25 cm
9780882581286, 0882581287
Three plays
Song of a goat
The masquerade
The raft
Ozidi: a play
The bikoroa plays
The boat
The return home
Full circle
A decade of tongues: selected poems, 1958-1968
From poems
The imprisonment of Obatala
Fulani cattle
For granny (from hospital)
Night rain
Agbor dancer
Girl bathing
Hands over head
The water maid
New year
Ibadan dawn
The year's first rain
Return of the fishermen
Streamside exchange
The outsider
Ivbie: a song of wrong
From A reed in the tides
Flight across Africa
Emergency commission
The leader
His excellency the masquerader
A child asleep
Who bade the waves
Boeing crossing
Cuba confrontation
I wake to the touch
Home from Hiroshima
Time's square
Cave call
From Casualties
Skulls and cups
Vulture's choice
The burden in boxes
The usurpation
The cockerel in the tale
The reign of the crocodile
Seasons of omens
What the squirrel said
Leader of the hunt
Conversations at Accra
Return home
The locust hunt
July wake
August afternoon
The rat in a hole
The flood
Aburi and after
The beast
Death of a weaverbird
A photograph in The Observer
Benin sacrifice
Party song
The casualties
Night song
Epilogue to Casualties
Incidental songs for several persons
Incident at the police station, Warri
The Lagos-Ibadan road before Shagamu
A lamp by my window
To my academic friends who sit tight on their doctoral theses and have no chair for poet or inventor
Letter from Kampala
Nairobi National Park
Addis Ababa
A god is the cow
The players
State of the union
Here nothing works
The cleaners
Return of the heroes
Easter 1976
Victoria Island
Of sects and fellowships
A parable
Phaemon's dog
Song of the retired public servant
Out of the tower
Election report
The patriarchs at the return to civilian rule
New currency
One country
Song of the new millionaires
Epitaph for Boro
An epidemic without a name
Victoria Island revisited
The plague
Concerning 'My Command' and other accounts of the Nigerian civil war
Where do they all go?
The sovereign
The playwright and the colonels
Other songs on other states
The wreck
Family meeting for the disposal of the wreck
Last rights in Ijebu
A hymn for a friend in his losses
Summary treatment
Autumn in Connecticut
Birthday at Wesleyan, Middletown
The coming of age
Miracle in a farm
Herons at Funama
Mandela and other poems
Part I: Mandela
A letter to Oliver Tambo
The beast in the south
The death of Samora Machel
The news from Ethiopia and the Sudan
Part II: Ceremonies for departure
Waiting for the dead
Washing the dead
Dressing the dead
Seeing off the dead
Part III: Departures
Leaves falling
A family procession
A royal welcome
Death of a lady
A passing at New Year
A tale of the hyrax
If the dead in their state
Mourner's comfort
An old man on trial
A mother's story
Sweat in the moonlight
Stranger in the house
The last wish
The order of the dead