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Control systems engineering

Designed to make the material easy to understand, this clear and thorough book emphasizes the practical application of systems engineering to the design and analysis of feedback systems. Nise applies control systems theory and concepts to current real-world problems, showing readers how to build control systems that can support today's advanced technology
Print Book, English, ©2004
Wiley, [Hoboken, NJ], ©2004
xxii, 983 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm + 1 CD-ROM (4 3/4 in.)
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1. Introduction
2. Modeling in the Frequency Domain
3. Modeling in the Time Domain
4. Time Response
5. Reduction of Multiple Subsystems
6. Stability
7. Steady-State Errors
8. Root Locus Techniques
9. Design via Root Locus
10. Frequency Response Techniques
11. Design via Frequency Response
12. Design via State Space
13. Digital Control Systems
Appendix A: List of Symbols
Appendix B: MATLAB Tutorial
Appendix C: MATLAB's Simulink Tutorial
Appendix D: MATLAB's GUI Tools Tutorial
Appendix E: MATLAB's Symbolic Math Toolbox Tutorial
Answers to Selected Problems
Appendix F: Matrices, Determinants, and Systems of Equations
Appendix G: Control system Computational Aids
Appendix H: Derivation of a Schematic for a DC Motor
Appendix I: Derivation of the Time Domain Solution of State Equations
Appendix J: Solution of State Equations
Appendix K: Derivation of Similarity Transformations
Appendix L: Root Locus Rules: Derivations
Solutions to Skill-Assessment Exercises
Control Systems Engineering Toolbox
Lecture Graphics. Cyber Exploration Laboratory Experiments