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Journal, Magazine, English, 1894-1907
Printed by the Superintendent, Govt. Press, Madras, 1894-1907
5 volumes : illustrations, plates (some color), maps, diagrams ; 22 cm
At head of title: Madras Government Museum
Contents: [vol. I] no. 1. Pearl and chank fisheries of the Gulf of Manaar. By Edgar Thurston. 1894.--no. 2. Note on tours along the Malabar coast. By Edgar Thurston. 1894.--no. 3. Rámésvaram island and fauna of the Gulf of Manaar. 2d ed. rev. By Edgar Thurston ... 1895.--no. 4. Anthropology of the Todas and Kotas of the Nilgiri hills; and of the Bráhmans, Kammálbans, Pallis, and Pariahs of Madras city. By Edgar Thurston. 1896
Contents (Cont'd.): vol. II. no. 1. Anthropology. Badagas and Irulas of the Nīlgiris; Paniyans of Malabar; A Chinese-Tamil cross; A Cheruman skull; Kuruba or Kurumba; Summary of results. By Edgar Thurston. 1897.--no. 2. Anthropology. Eurasians of Madras and Malabar; Note on tattooing; Malagasy--Nias--Dravidians; Toda petition. By Edgar Thurston. 1898.--no. 3. Anthropology. Kādirs of the Ānaimalais; Malaiālis of the Shevaroys; syllabus of demonstrations on anthropology; the Dravidian head; the Dravidian problem. By Edgar Thurston. 1899
Contents (Cont'd.): vol. III. no. 1. Anthropology. Notes on some of the people of Malabar [by] Fred Fawcett. Mala Védars of Travancore [by] Florence Evans. Miscellanea [by] Edgar Thurston. 1900.--no. 2. The sea fisheries of Malabar and South Canara ... by Edgar Thurston. 1900.--no. 3. Anthropology. Nâyars of Malabar. By F. Fawcett. 1901
Contents (Cont'd.): vol. IV. no. 1. Anthropology. Todas of the Nilgiris; Eurasian schoolboys; Meriah sacrifice post; Walking through fire; Malaiālis of the Shevaroys; Scissors people; Sorcery in Coimbatore; Nayādis of Malabar. 1901.--no. 2. Anthropology. The Dravidian head; Yánádis of Nellore; miscellanea. 1901.--no. 3. Anthropology. Some marriage customs in southern India; Deformity and mutilation; Uralis, Sholagas, and Irulas; Fire-walking in Ganjám; Corporal punishment in vernacular schools. 1903
Contents (Cont'd.): vol. V. no. 1. Anthropology. Vision of the Urális and Sholagas; More marriage customs in southern India; Hook-swinging; Paliyans. 1903.--no. 2. Anthropology. The Paraiyan, and The legend of Nandan, by the Rev. A.C. Clayton; Some agricultural ceremonies in Malabar, by C. Karunakara Menon. 1906.--no. 3. Anthropology. The village deities of southern India. 1907