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Dreaming in public : building the occupy movement

Amy Schrager Lang (Editor), Daniel Lang/Levitsky (Editor)
"A stunningly comprehensive compilation of materials, from public statements to engaged reportage, essays focused on analysis and strategy, and documentation of the visual culture of the movement. Neither a narrative of the events nor an observer analysis but an assembly of primary sources - the 'raw materials' that developed within the movement. Created by two New York-based Occupy movement participants, Amy Schrager Lang and Daniel Lang/Levitsky, the book includes contributions from a wealth of protagonists, including Barbara Kingsolver, Naomi Klein, Sara Paretsky, Lemony Snicket, and Staughton Lynd."--Publisher
eBook, English, 2012
1 online resource (319 pages) : chiefly color illustrations
9781780260846, 9781780260853, 1780260849, 1780260857
Machine generated contents note: Amy Schrager Lang & Daniel Lang/Levitsky The Politics of the Impossible
Information Desk
Richard Kim The Audacity of Occupy Wall Street
Ira Livingston Darth Vader and Occupy Wall Street: A Twitter Essay
Naomi Klein The Most Important Thing in the World
Declaration of the Occupation of New York City
Occupy Student Debt Campaign Pledges & Principles
The Mortville Declaration of Independence
Council of Elders Occupy Wall Street Statement of Solidarity
UAW Local 2865 Resolution in Support of Occupy Oakland General Strike
American Library Association Occupy Wall Street Library Resolution & Press Statement
jovenes en resistencia alternativa Solidarity Statement: We walk by asking, we reclaim by Occupying
Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq Message of Solidarity to Occupy Wall Street
Comrades from Cairo Response to OWS Egypt Delegation Proposal
Barbara Kingsolver Another American Way. Contents note continued: Angus Johnston What I Saw at #OccupyWallStreet Last Night, and What I Saw When I Left
Adrienne Maree Brown from liberty plaza; let it breathe
Adrienne Maree Brown, Jenny Lee, Yusef Shakur, et al One Step in Building the `Occupy/Unify' Movement in Detroit
Keguro Macharia Occupy DC (Hasty Notes)
Jaime Omar Yassin Occupy Oakland Day Four: Wherein I speak to some folks, and the General Assembly debates MoveOn's move in
Anne Tagonist Heirs to the Autonomen
DeColonize LA Statement
Larisa Mann On Occupy Wall Street
Hannah Chadeyane Appel The Bureaucracies of Anarchy (Parts 1 & 2)
Sonny Singh Occupying Process, Processing Occupy: Spokes Council musings by one POC
Safer Spaces
Jaime Omar Yassin Occupy Oakland: Hugs Are Also an Option
Occupy Boston Women's Caucus Statement
A Bunch of Trans Women Occupiers OWS Must Resist Cis-Supremacy and Trans-Misogyny
Aaron Bady Society Must Be Defended From Rats. Contents note continued: Occupy Wall Street Safer Spaces Working Group Transforming Harm & Building Safety: Confronting sexual violence at Occupy Wall Street and beyond
People of Color
Bruce A Dixon Occupy Where? What's In It For Black and Brown People?
Rinku Sen Forget Diversity, It's About `Occupying' Racial Inequity
American Indian Movement of Colorado An Indigenous Platform Proposal for `Occupy Denver'
Manissa McCleave Maharawal So Real It Hurts: Notes on Occupy Wall Street
Tammy Kim Race-ing Occupy Wall Street
Harsha Walia Letter to Occupy Together Movement
low end theory the last thing we need
Arts & Culture
Octopi Everywhere
Pepper Spray Cop
Eat the Rich
The Empire Strikes Back
We Are Legion
We Are Everywhere
Jaime Omar Yassin (& Chris Kendrick) `I'm on a Boat!': Occupy Oakland navigates in unknown waters
Puppets & Projections. Contents note continued: Kenji Liu Memory Is Solidarity: Ogawa-Grant Plaza as Opportunity
Lemony Snicket Thirteen Observations made by Lemony Snicket while watching Occupy Wall Street from a Discreet Distance
Dana Spiotta In the Name Itself
Vijay Prashad Occupying the Imagination, Cultivating a New Politics (Part 5)
Aaron Bady The Oakland Commune
Sarah Jaffe the class implications of `know your history'
Emma Rosenthal Arriving at Occupy LA
cops and dogs have more of a place than people with disabilities!
Larisa Mann change comes from connection across difference not by erasing difference
Sara Paretsky Stop the Tether Ball
Direct Action
Staughton Lynd A Letter to Other Occupiers
Michelle Ty The Coming General Strike
UC Davis Bicycle Barricade No Cops, No Bosses
Occupy Oakland Port Blockade Working Group Clarification on Nature of Call for West Coast Port Blockade. Contents note continued: Mike Konczal The Sword and the Shield: Occupy Foreclosures
Town Planning
Sarah Jaffe Occupy Wall Street Prepares for Crackdown
Will Bloomberg try to tear it all down?
Hannah Chadeyane Appel The People's Microphone
Sara Marcus C-SPAN for Radicals
Jaime Omar Yassin Occupy Oakland, Day 8: Solving global problems in a downtown microcosm
Morrigan Phillips Room for the Poor
Sam Halvorsen Occupying Everywhere: A Global Movement?
Tim Gee Occupy the North
Kerry-anne Mendoza Voices from the Occupation: The homeless & the hungry
modern-day outlaws
Steven Maclean We Need Caveats On Inclusivity
Michael Richmond Disguising, Mythologising and Protest
Tim Gee Past Tents: A brief history of protest camping
Gianpaolo Baiocchi & Ernesto Ganuza No Parties, No Banners: The Spanish experiment with direct democracy
Emmanuel Iduma See, The Nigerian Revolution Has Begun. Contents note continued: Emmanuel Iduma Is This The End of The Nigerian Revolution?
Rachel Schragis The Flow Chart of the Declaration of the Occupation of NYC
Occupy, Defined