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Extreme programming explained : embrace change

Kent Beck
You may love XP, or you may hate it, but Extreme Programming Explained will force you to take a fresh look at how you develop software.
Print Book, English, 1999
Addison-Wesley, Harlow, 1999
160 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9780201616415, 0201616416
Foreword by Erich Gamma. Preface. I. THE PROBLEM. 1. Risk: The Basic Problem. Our Mission.2. A Development Episode. 3. Economics of Software Development. Options.Example.4. Four Variables. Interactions Between the Variables.Focus on Scope.5. Cost of Change. 6. Learning to Drive. 7. Four Values. Communication.Simplicity.Feedback.Courage.The Values in Practice.8. Basic Principles. 9. Back to Basics. Coding.Testing.Listening.Designing.Conclusion.II. THE SOLUTION. 10. Quick Overview. The Planning Game.Small Releases.Metaphor.Simple Design.Tesing.Refactoring.Pair Programming.Collective Ownership.Continuous Integration.40-Hour Week.On-Site Customer.Coding Standards.11. How Could This Work? The Planning Game.Short Releases.Metaphor.Simple Design.Testing.Refactoring.Pair Programming.Collective Integration.Continuous Integration.40-Hour Week.On-Site Customer. @@AHEADS = Coding Standards.Conclusion.12. Management Strategy. Metrics.Coaching.Tracking.Intervention.13. Facilities Strategy. 14. Splitting Business and Technical Responsibility. Business.Development.What to Do?Choice of Technology.What If It Is Hard?15. Planning Strategy. The Planning Game.Planning in a Week.16. Development Strategy. Continuous Integration.Collective Ownership.Pair Programming.17. Design Strategy. The Simplest Thing that Could Possibly Work.How Does Designing Through Refactoring Work?What Is Simplest?How Could This Work?Role of Pictures in Design.System Architecture.18. Testing Strategy. Who Writes Tests?Other Tests.19. Adopting XP. 20. Retrofitting. Testing.Design.Planning.Management.Development.In Trouble?21. Lifecycle of an Ideal XP Project. Exploration.Planning.Iterations to First Release.Productionizing.Maintenance.Death.22. Roles for People. Programmer.Customer.Tester.Tracker.Coach.Consultant.Big Boss.23. 20-80 Rule. 24. What Makes XP Hard. 25. When to Try XP. 26. XP at Work. Fixed Price.Outsourcing.Insourcing.Time and Materials.Completion Bonus.Early Termination.Frameworks.Shrinkwrap Products.27. Conclusion. Expectation.Annotated Bibliography.Glossary. Index. 0201616416T04062001