Front cover image for Fire in the environment : the ecological, atmospheric, and climatic importance of vegetation fires : report of the Dahlem Workshop, held in Berlin, 15-20 March 1992

Fire in the environment : the ecological, atmospheric, and climatic importance of vegetation fires : report of the Dahlem Workshop, held in Berlin, 15-20 March 1992

Part of a conference series that aims to promote the international interdisciplinary exchange of scientific information and to stimulate international co-operation in research, this volume explores combustion and natural fires, concentrating on their impact on the environment.
Print Book, English, ©1993
Wiley, Chichester, England, ©1993
Kongress Berlin 1992
xv, 400 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm.
9780471936046, 0471936049
1. Fire in the Environment: Scientific Rationale and Summary of Results of the Dahlem Workshop / J. G. Goldammer / P. J. Crutzen
2. Emissions from the Combustion Process in Vegetation / J. M. Lobert / J. Warnatz
3. Dynamics and Modeling of Vegetation Fires: Observations / F. A. Albini
4. Emissions Measurements from Vegetation Fires: A Comparative Evaluation of Methods and Results / D. E. Ward / L. F. Radke
5. Satellite Remote Sensing of Fires: Potential and Limitations / C. O. Justice / J.-P. Malingreau / A. W. Setzer
6. Modeling the Influence of Fires on Atmospheric Chemistry / P. J. Crutzen / G. R. Carmichael
7. Effect of Fires on Global Radiation Budget through Aerosol and Cloud Properties / R. E. Dickinson
8. Climate Change
Fire Interactions at the Global Scale: Predictions and Limitations of Methods / M. A. Fosberg / L. O. Mearns / C. Price
9. Case Study of Atmospheric Measurements in Brazil: Aerosol Emissions from Amazon Basin Fires / P. Artaxo / M. A. Yamasoc / J. V. Martins / S. Kocinas / S. Carvalho / W. Maenhaut
10. Biomass Burning in Africa: An Overview of Its Impact on Atmospheric Chemistry / J.-P. Lacaux / H. Cachier / R. Delmas
11. Paleoecology of Fire / J. S. Clark / J. Robinson
12. Nutrient and Organic Matter Dynamics in Tropical Ecosystems / J.-C. Menaut / L. Abbadie / P. M. Vitousek
13. Fire Regimes and Ecosystem Dynamics / N. L. Christensen
14. Keeper of the Flame: A Survey of Anthropogenic Fire / S. J. Pyne
15. Historical Biogeography of Fire: Circumpolar Taiga / R. W. Wein
16. Historical Biogeography of Fire in Temperate and Mediterranean Ecosystems / L. V. Trabaud / N. L. Christensen / A. M. Gill
17. Historical Biogeography of Fire: Tropical and Subtropical / J. G. Goldammer
18. Fire Management: Principles and Options in the Forested and Savanna Regions of the World / B. J. Stocks / W. S. W. Trollope
19. Group Report: Quantification of Fire Characteristics from Local to Global Scales / J.-P. Malingreau / F. A. Albini / M. O. Andreae / S. Brown / J. S. Levine / J. M. Lobert / T. A. Kuhlbusch / L. Radke / A. Setzer / P. M. Vitousek / D. E. Ward / J. Warnatz
20. Group Report: What Is the Impact of Fires on Atmospheric Chemistry, Climate, and Biogeochemical Cycles? / J. Fishman / J. Logan / P. E. Artaxo / H. Cachier / G. R. Carmichael / R. Dickinson / M. A. Fosberg / G. Helas / M. Kanakidou / J.-P. Lacaux / F. Rohrer
21. Group Report: Impacts of Fires on Ecosystems / D. Binkley / P. Becker-Heidmann / J. S. Clark / P. J. Crutzen / P. Frost / A. M. Gill / A. Granstrom / F. Mack / J.-C. Menaut / B. van Wilgen / R. W. Wein
22. Group Report: The Role of Humans in Shaping Fire Regimes and Ecosystem Properties / J. B. Kauffman / N. L. Christensen / J. G. Goldammer / C. O. Justice / T. May / S. J. Pyne / B. J. Stocks / L. V. Trabaud / W. S. W. Torllope / K.-F. Weiss / M. Williams