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Frontiers of paraconsistent logic

Print Book, English, ©2000
Research Studies Press, Baldock, Hertfordshire, England, ©2000
xiii, 336 pages ; 24 cm.
9780863802539, 0863802532
Relevant counterfactuals and paraconsistency / S. Akama
Bilattices and paraconsistency / O. Arieli and A. Avron
Paraconsistent deontic logic with enforceable rights / F.J. Ausín and L. Peña
A survey of inconsistency-adaptive logics / D. Batens
Graded paraconsistency
reasoning with inconsistent and uncertain knowledge / P. Besnard and J. Lang
What is paraconsistent logic? / J.-Y. Béziau
Entailment, negation and paradox solution / R.T. Brady
Simple natural deduction for weakly aggregative paraconsistent logics / B. Brown
Possible-translations semantics for paraconsistent logics / W.A. Carnielli
Paraconsistent mathematics / N.C.A. da Costa
A maximal paraconsistent logic : the combination of two three-valued isomorphs of classical propositional logic / A.S. Karpenko
An extremely rich paraconsistent logic and the adaptive logic based on it / J. Meheus
Prospects for inconsistency / C. Mortensen
Exponentials as projections from paraconsistent logics / A. Patterson and T. Costello
Motivations for paraconsistency : the slippery slope from classical logic to dialetheism / G. Priest
Maybe, maybe not : a probabilistic semantics for two paraconsistent logics / L. Roberts
An approach to the justification of semantics of paraconsistent logics / E.D. Smirnova
Paraconsistency in categories / V.L. Vasyukov
Supervaluationism and paraconsistency / A. Varzi
Mathematical analysis of Priest's nonmonotonic version of a variant of Kleene's SK₃ / S. Weber
Reasons for filtering classical logic / P. Weingartner