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Global inequalities and higher education : whose interests are we serving?

Global Inequalities and Higher Education seeks to examine how universities operate within a context of global inequality. The relationship between the university as an international institution and the process of globalization is an ambivalent one. The expansion of higher education can generate inequalities but can also contribute to the development of new social democratic structures through teaching, research and the development of student and staff dispositions with a potential to promote social justice. This book seeks to examine the promises and tensions by bringing together the themes of inequalities entailed in looking at global higher education through an interdisciplinary perspective. The book offers a picture of inequalities in higher education understood in relation to access, processes of learning and teaching practices and identities. This entails considering inequalities in higher education at the interface of the external (political, social, economic and cultural forces shaping global and national higher education policies) and internal contexts (the teaching and learning process and its actors including institutions, student and staff). The book thus examines the interfaces between the micro and macro environments of universities and identifies changes and continuities with regard to inequality across time and space
Print Book, English, 2010
Palgrave Macmillan, New York, 2010
Case studies
xviii, 322 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm.
9780230223516, 0230223516
Introduction: Whose Interests are We Serving? Global Inequalities and Higher Education
Part I. Mapping Inequalities Conceptually. 1. Educating the Other: Standpoint and Theory in the 'Internationalization' of Higher Education
- 2. Global Learning in a NeoLiberal Age: Implications for Development
- 3. Considering Equality, Equity and Higher Education Pedagogies in the Context of Globalization
Part II. Some Dimensions of Inequalities. 4. Global Rankings of Universities: A Perverse and Present Burden
- 5. Public-Private Substitution in Higher Education Funding and Kondratiev Cycles: The Impacts on Home and International Students
- 6. The Inter-Relationship of Employment, Marriage and Higher Education among Pakistani Students in the UK
- 7. Globalization Perspectives and Cultural Exclusion in Mexican Higher Education
Part III. Struggling for Equality. 8. Pedagogy for Rich Human Being-ness in Global Times
- 9. Tackling Inequality Through Quality: A Comparative Case Study Using Bernsteinian Concepts
- 10. Development Education, Sustainable Development, Global Citizenship and Higher Education: Towards a Transformatory Approach to Learning
- 11. Globalization and the Professional Ethic of the Professoriat