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Globalisation and economic growth in China

"This book is a collection of papers on the effects of globalisation on China's growth prospects and of China's growth on the wider economy. The issues explored include the sustainability of China's continuing economic reform and the necessary reforms to sustain that growth; the considerable effects of her integration into the global economy and its implications for the conduct of Chinese economic policies, including the exchange rate regime; and the influence of China on the regional and world economy."--BOOK JACKET
Print Book, English, ©2006
World Scientific, Hackensack, NJ, ©2006
viii, 289 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
9789812568557, 9812568557
Growth and Internal Reforms: Is China's Growth Real and Sustainable? (J Y-F Lin); Market Instability and Economic Complexity: Theoretical Lessons from Transition Experiments (P Chen); The Impact of Privatisation on Firm Performance in China (L-G Song & Y Yao); External Reforms and Impact: Putting the Cart Before the Horse? Capital Account Liberalisation and Exchange Rate Flexibility in China (E Prasad et al.); China's Competitiveness, Intra-Industry and Intra-Regional Trade in Asia (L Yueh); The Economic Impact of Globalisation in Asia-Pacific: The Case of the Flying Geese Model (C Ljungwall & O Sjoberg); China's Trade Policies in Wider Asian Perspective (R Sally); After the CMI: The Future of Asian Monetary Cooperation and China's Role (F He et al.); Conclusion and Implications: China's Economic Reforms in the Globalisation Era (J Y-F Lin et al.).