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Handbook of psychiatric measures

CD includes: full text of Handbook of psychiatric measures, plus more than 100 measures
Print Book, English, ©2000
American Psychiatric Association, Washington, DC, ©2000
xxviii, 820 pages ; 29 cm + 1 computer optical disc (4 3/4 in.)
9780890424155, 0890424152
Ch. 1. Organization and use of the handbook
Ch. 2. Psychometric properties: concepts of reliability and validity
Ch. 3. Considerations in choosing, using, and interpreting a measure for a particular clinical context
Ch. 4. Considerations in choosing, using, and interpreting measures for health care systems
Ch. 5. Cultural factors influencing the selection, use, and interpretation of psychiatric measures
Ch. 6. Diagnostic interviews for adults
Ch. 7. General psychiatric symptoms measures
Ch. 8. Mental health status, functioning, and disabilities measures
Ch. 9. General health status, functioning, and disabilities measures
Ch. 10. Quality of life measures
Ch. 11. Adverse effects measures
Ch. 12. Patient perceptions of care measures
Ch. 13. Practitioner and system evaluation
Ch. 14. Stress and life events measures
Ch. 15. Family and relational issues measures
Ch. 16. Suicide risk measures
Ch. 17. Child and adolescent measures for diagnosis and screening
Ch. 18. Symptom-specific measures for disorders usually first diagnosed in infancy, childhood, or adolescence
Ch. 19. Child and adolescent measures of functional status
Ch. 20. Behavioral measures for cognitive disorders
Ch. 21. Neuropsychiatric measures for cognitive disorders
Ch. 22. Substance use disorders measures
Ch. 23. Psychotic disorders measures
Ch. 24. Mood disorders measures
Ch. 25. Anxiety disorders measures
Ch. 26. Somatoform and factitious disorders and malingering measures
Ch. 27. Dissociative disorders measures
Ch. 28. Sexual disorders measures
Ch. 29. Eating disorders measures
Ch. 30. Sleep disorders measures
Ch. 31. Impulse-control disorders measures
Ch. 32. Personality disorders, personality traits, and defense mechanisms measures