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Human Memory : Third Edition

eBook, English, 2017
Taylor and Francis, London, 2017
1 online resource (675 pages)
9781134871735, 1134871732
Cover; Half Title; Title Page; Copyright Page; Dedication; Table of Contents; List of Figures; List of Tables; Preface; About the Author; Part 1 Background; Chapter 1 Overview and History of Memory Research; Chapter 2 Neuroscience of Memory; Chapter 3 Methods and Principles; Part 2 Core Memory Topics; Chapter 4 Sensory and Short-Term Memory; Chapter 5 Working Memory; Chapter 6 Nondeclarative Memory; Chapter 7 Episodic Memory: Past and Future; Chapter 8 Forgetting; Chapter 9 Semantic Memory; Part 3 Special Topics in Memory; Chapter 10 Formal Models of Memory. Chapter 11 Memory for Space and TimeChapter 12 Autobiographical Memory; Chapter 13 Memory and Reality; Chapter 14 Memory and the Law; Chapter 15 Metamemory; Chapter 16 Memory in Infancy and Childhood; Chapter 17 Memory and Aging; Chapter 18 Forms of Amnesia; Appendix Memory Methods; Author Index; Subject Index