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In search of prosperity : analytic narratives on economic growth

This is a series of country studies by leading economists. It helps to shed light on some of the most important growth puzzles of our time. What emerges is a deeper understanding of the centrality of institutions. Economies that have performed well over the long term owe their success not to geography or trade, but to institutions that have generated market-oriented incentives, protected property rights, and enabled stability. However, these narratives warn against a cookie-cutter approach to institution building
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Australian growth: a California perspective / Ian W. McLean and Alan M. Taylor
One polity, many countries: economic growth in India, 1873-2000 / Gregory Clark and Susan Wolcott
An African success story: Botswana / Daron Acemoglu, Simon Johnson, and James A. Robinson
A toy collection, a socialist star, and a democratic dud? growth theory, Vietnam, and the Philippines / Lant Pritchett
Growing into trouble: Indonesia after 1966 / Jonathan Temple
India since independence: an analytic growth narrative / J. Bradford DeLong
Who can explain the Mauritian miracle? Meade, Romer, Sachs, or Rodrik? / Arvind Subramanian and Devesh Roy
Venezuela's growth implosion: a neoclassical story? / Ricardo Hausmann
History, policy, and performance in two transition economies: Poland and Romania / Georges de Menil
How reform worked in China / Yingyi Qian
Sustained macroeconomic reforms, tepid growth: a governance puzzle in Bolivia / Daniel Kaufmann, Massimo Mastruzzi, and Diego Zavaleta
Fiscal federalism, good governance, and economic growth in Mexico / Maite Careaga and Barry R. Weingast
The political economy of growth without development: a case study of Pakistan / William Easterly
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