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Invitation to Biblical theology : exploring the shape, storyline, and themes of scripture

Jeremy M. Kimble (Author), Ched Spellman (Author)
Invitation to Biblical Theology provides a thorough overview of biblical theology that is accessible for those new to the topic but substantial enough for advanced study. Defining biblical theology as the study of the whole Bible on its own terms, Jeremy Kimble and Ched Spellman begin with a brief history of the discipline followed by a survey of contemporary approaches. They then lay out their own approach, built on the framework of the canon, the covenants, and Christ. Taking God's plan of redemption in Christ as the uniting theme of Scripture, Kimble and Spellman survey the grand storyline of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, showing how each division of the canon moves the overarching story forward. The following ten chapters survey central and recurring themes of Scripture including kingdom, worship, Messiah and atonement, God's glory, and mission. The authors conclude with reflections on how biblical theology can serve the church as well as the academy. -- Publisher
Print Book, English, 2020
Kregel Academic, Grand Rapids, MI, 2020
542 pages ; 24 cm
9780825445613, 0825445612
Section one : Studying the Bible's theology. Defining biblical theology
The Bible's overarching shape
The Bible's overarching goal
The Bible's theological characteristics
Section two : The Bible's grand storyline. The story of the Law
The story of the Prophets
The story of the Writings
The story of the Gospels
The story of Acts and the Letters
The story of Revelation
Section three : The Bible's significant themes. Tools for organizing and presenting biblical theology
God and his glory
Temple and priesthood
Messiah and atonement
Salvation and judgment
Holy Spirit
Section four : Biblical theology in the church and the academy. Biblical theology