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Marriage by force? : contestation over consent and coercion in Africa

Annie Bunting (Editor), Benjamin N. Lawrance (Editor), Richard L. Roberts (Editor)
With forced marriage, the sensationalized hides the mundane, and oversimplified popular discourses miss the range of experiences. In sub-Saharan Africa, the relationship between coercion and consent in marriage is a complex one that varies over time and place, rendering impossible any single interpretation or explanation. The legal experts, anthropologists, historians, and practitioners contributing to Marriage by Force? focus on the role that marriage plays in labor mobilization, wealth accumulation, and domination versus dependency. They also address the crucial slippage between marriage and other forms of gendered violence, bondage, slavery, and servile status
eBook, English, 2016
Ohio University Press, Athens, Ohio, 2016
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9780821445495, 0821445499
Introduction: something old, something new? Conceptualizing forced marriage in Africa / Annie Bunting, Benjamin N. Lawrance, and Richard L. Roberts
Colonial struggles
Constrained consent: women, marriage, and household instability in colonial French West Africa, 1905-60 / Richard L. Roberts
Forced marriage, gender, and consent in Igboland, 1900-1936 / Olatunji Ojo
Debating "early marriage" in colonial Kenya, 1920-50 / Brett L. Shadle
Italian weddings and memory of trauma: colonial domestic policy in southern Somalia, 1910-41 / Francesca Declich
Postindependence transformations
Ukuthwala, forced marriage, and the idea of custom in South Africa's Eastern Cape / Elizabeth Thornberry
Concubinage as forced marriage? Colonial jawari, contemporary hartaniyya, and marriage in Mauritania / E. Ann McDougall
Challenges and constraints: forced marriage as a form of "traditional" practice in The Gambia / Bala Saho
Resisting patriarchy, contesting homophobia: expert testimony and the construction of forced marriage in African asylum claims / Benjamin N. Lawrance and Charlotte Walker-Said
Contemporary perspectives
Consent, custom, and the law in debates around forced marriage at the special court for Sierra Leone / Mariane C. Ferme
Between global standards and local realities: Shari'a and mass marriage programs in northern Nigeria / Judith-Ann Walker
Dreams of my mother: good news on ending early marriage / Muadi Mukenge
"To be taken as a wife is a form of death": the social, military, and humanitarian dynamics of forced marriage and girl soldiers in African conflicts, c. 1990-2010 / Stacey Hynd
Afterword: historicizing social justice and the longue durée of forced marriage / Emily S. Burrill
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