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Media and Social Justice

This book is an anthology of work by critical media scholars, media makers, and activists who are committed to advancing social justice. explorations of the challenges the era of participatory media pose to public media;
Print Book, English, 2011
Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, 2011
9780230108639, 0230108636
Preface; C.Calhoun Introduction; S.C.Jansen PART I: CHALLENGES 1. Media and Democracy: Some Missing Links; N.Couldry 2. The Right to be Heard and the Urgency and Pleasure of Listening; C.Hamelink 3. From 'the Means of Molding Opinion' to 'Media Justice': Shifts in Foundation Support for Communication Research; J.Pooley 4. Public Media 2.0: Reframing Public Media for the Participatory Era; J.Clark & P.Aufderheide PART II: SCHOLAR/ACTIVISTS TELL THEIR STORIES 5. Video Activism as a Way of Life; D.Halleck 6. Working for International Social Justice Media: An Instructional Biography; B.M.Murphy 7. Can We Be Companeros? The Media Research & Action Project; C.Ryan & W.Gamson 8. Defending Dissent; B.Martin PART III: COMMUNITY MEDIA 9. Detours through Youth-Driven Media: A Backseat Driver Bears Witness to the Ethical Dilemmas of Youth Media; L.Taub-Pervizpour 10. !Adelante! Promoting Social Justice through Latina/o Community Media; M.Castaneda 11. Community-Based Media Justice Projects in Appalachia; N.Gregg PART IV: POWER STRUGGLES 12. Feminism, Media and Social Justice: Outside the Mainstream; M.Gallagher 13. The Battle for the News: Project Censored and the International Media Reform Movement; P.Phillips & M.Huff 14. Shooting Back: Video Activism and Reflexive Surveillance; M.Andrejevic PART V: MEDIA REFORM 15. Drawing and Effacing Boundaries in Contemporary Media Democracy Work; C.Dunbar-Hester 16. The Federal Communications Commission's Complicity in Excluding Minorities from the Airwaves; J.Tate 17. Software Freedom as Social Justice? Open Source Software and Information Control; J.L.Sullivan PART VI: PEDAGOGY 18. Designing Health Communication to Promote Social Justice; S.Kahlenberg 19. Analysis and Engagement: Connecting Media Criticism to a Vision of Justice; R.Andersen