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Methodology of law and economics

Thomas S. Ulen (Editor)
When law and economics first became an important part of the legal academy, it was a relatively straightforward application of microeconomic theory to legal issues. This latest volume in the acclaimed Encyclopedia of Law and Economics maps the methodological territory in law and economics with a series of entries by distinguished scholars.
Print Book, English, 2010
Elgar, Northampton, 2010
550 Seiten.
9781847203670, 1847203671
Contents:1. The Changing Methodologies of Law and Economics. Thomas S. Ulen2. The Use of Economics for Understanding Law: One View of the Cathedral.Thomas J. Miceli3. A Public Choice PerspectiveMaxwell L. Stearns4. A Social Choice View of Law and EconomicsMaxwell L. Stearns and Megan J. McGinnis5. Legal Philosophy and Law and EconomicsHoracio Spector6. Economic Analysis of Legal HistoryDan Klerman7. Evolutionary Dynamic Theory and Empirical MethodDaria Roithmayr8. A Law and Economics Perspective on Legal FamiliesNuno Garoupa and Mariana Pargendler9. Behavioral Law and EconomicsThomas S. Ulen10. Empirical Law and EconomicsThomas S. UlenIndex