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New perspectives on the Cultural Revolution

Scholars examine the gap between the ideology of the Revolution and the contradictory reality of its outcome. They focus on the violence, coercion and tension between the need for centralization to enforce policies and the need for decentralizing decision-making if those goals were to be achieved.
Print Book, English, 1991
Council on East Asian Studies/Harvard University : Distributed by Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass., 1991
xi, 351 pages : illustrations, map ; 23 cm.
9780674617582, 9780674617575, 0674617584, 0674617576
Introduction : new perspectives on the Cultural Revolution / William A. Joseph, Christine Wong, and David Zweig
Learning from trauma : the Cultural Revolution in post-Mao politics / Lowell Dittmer
Cultural Revolution radicalism : variations on a Stalinist theme / Andrew G. Walder
Agrarian radicalism as a rural development strategy, 1968-1978 / David Zweig
The Cultural Revolution as an unintended result of administrative policies / Lynn T. White III
Factional politics in Zhejiang, 1973-1976 / Keith Forster
Neither plan nor market : Mao's political economy / Carl Riskin
Industrial policy during the Cultural Revolution : military preparation, decentralization, and leaps forward / Barry Naughton
The Maoist "model" reconsidered : local self-reliance and the financing of rural industrialization / Christine P.W. Wong. Central-provincial investment and finance : the Cultural Revolution and its legacy in Jiangsu Province / Penelope B. Prime
Arts policies of the Cultural Revolution : the rise and fall of culture mininster Yu Huiyong / Richard Kraus
Models and misfits : rusticated youth in three novels of the 1970s / Richard King
Dramas of passion : heroism in the Cultural Revolution's model operas / Ellen R. Judd