Front cover image for "Now it happened in those days" : studies in Biblical, Assyrian, and other ancient Near Eastern historiography presented to Mordechai Cogan on his 75th birthday

"Now it happened in those days" : studies in Biblical, Assyrian, and other ancient Near Eastern historiography presented to Mordechai Cogan on his 75th birthday

Mordechai Cogan, Amitai Baruchi-Unna (Editor), Tova Forti (Editor), Shmuel Aḥituv (Editor), Israel Ephʻal (Editor), Jeffrey H. Tigay (Editor)
31 essays by colleagues, friends, and students of Mordechai Cogan, who is known worldwide for his study of biblical history and also of Near Eastern history, particularly at the time of the Neo-Assyrian Empire
Print Book, English, 2017
Eisenbrauns, Winona Lake, Indiana, 2017
2 volumes (xliii, 718 pages) ; 24 cm
9781575067605, 9781575067933, 9781575067940, 1575067609, 1575067935, 1575067943
VOLUME 1PrefaceAbbreviationsColleagues' Appreciation of Mordechai CoganShmuel Aḥituv, Israel Ephʿal, and Jeffrey Tigay"Make for yourself a mentor and acquire for yourself a friend" (Avot 1:6): Students' Appreciation for Professor Mordechai CoganTova Forti and Amitai Baruchi-UnnaThe Biblical Period in Jewish History as a Discipline: Personal ReflectionsMordechai CoganBibliography of the Publications of Mordechai CoganPart 1: Biblical StudiesBiblical Historiosophy: A Response to Crisis in Leadership and RuleBezalel Porten"To Place His Name There": Deuteronomy's Concept of God Placing His Name in the TempleJeffrey H. TigayJoshua and Moses in the Book of JoshuaGershon GalilSnippets from a Lost Joshua Cycle: The Prehistory of an Israelite Legendary HeroZev FarberText-Criticism with Awareness of the Contents of the Text: The Case of 1 Samuel 2:2Alexander RoféAt the Intersection of Intellect and Insolence: The Historiographic Significance of Solomon's and Jehoshaphat's "Tarshish Ships" in the Light of a Wisdom MotifTova Forti and David A. Glatt-GiladSolomon's Temple Building and Its Divine Approval in Ancient Israelite HistoriographyIsaac KalimiFormulaic Creativity: The Structure of the Synchronic History of Israel and Judah (1 Kings 12–2 Kings 17)Zipora Talshir ז״לAn Update of the Hezekiah-Sennacherib Narrative during the Babylonian Siege? Some Further ThoughtsDanʾel KahnDepictions of כשד׳ם 'Chaldeans' in Judean Prophecy and HistoriographyDavid S. Vanderhooft"And I sent before you Moses, Aaron, and Miriam...": The Message and the Historical Context of Micah 6:1–5Yair HoffmanTorah Historiography in Psalms 135 and 136Adele BerlinProphets and Prophecy in Ezra–NehemiahSara Japhet"And You Kept Your Word for You Are Righteous" (Nehemiah 9:8) in the Penitential Prayers GenreBustenay OdedPart 2: Assyriology and Ancient Near Eastern StudiesDethronement in Ancient Western Asia: Introductory ObservationsIsrael Ephʿal and Izabela Ephʿal-JaruzelskaThe Image of Pharaoh: Royal Ideology and Historical Reality in the Light of Egyptian Wisdom LiteratureNili ShupakTemple Hymns in Early Sumerian Literature:A Literary-Historical OverviewJacob KleinA Cylinder Inscription of Aššur-ketta-lēšir IIRan ZadokReporting the Content of Divine Positive Response (annu kēnu) in Assyrian Royal InscriptionsAmitai Baruchi-UnnaAdad-nērārī II and the Aramean Temanites: The Beginnings of Neo-Assyrian RecoveryK. Lawson Younger Jr.VOLUME 2Shalmaneser V and His Era, RevisitedKeiko Yamada and Shigeo YamadaEsarhaddon's Babylon E Once AgainJamie NovotnyA Study of Assyrian Cultural Policy as Expressed in Esarhaddon's Succession Oath DocumentsKazuko  WatanabeA Letter of Nebuchadnezzar I to the Babylonians: Literary and Historical ConsiderationsYigal BlochThe Formation of the Prayers in the Nabonidus Inscriptions Nbn 4 and Nbn 5: Between Lower and Higher CriticismNoga Ayali-DarshanPart 3: Comparative StudiesHeads or Tails? The Transmutations and Peregrinations of a Sapiential ThemeYoram CohenRituals on the Battlefield and Historiographical Accounts: Hittite and Biblical TextsAda Taggar-Cohenאַ ב רֵ ך (Gen 41:43), מׇ לוֹן (Gen 41:27 + 7×), and the Law in Exodus 22:1–2: On the Use of Akkadian as Key Evidence in Biblical Hebrew PhilologyChaim (Harold R.) CohenDavid and Goliath: Toward a Dialogue between Archaeology and Biblical StudiesShuichi HasegawaIsaiah 18–20: A Chronological Sequence of Oracles in Light of Akkadian and Egyptian SourcesShalom M. PaulNebuchadnezzar's Madness (Daniel 4:30): Reminiscence of a Historical Event or a Legend?T. M. OshimaIndexesIndex of AuthorsIndex of ScriptureIndex of Other Ancient Sources
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