Front cover image for Performing feminisms : feminist critical theory and theatre

Performing feminisms : feminist critical theory and theatre

A valuable, provoking, important addition to any theatre scholar or practitioner's library, especially since feminist theory is a relative newcomer to the world of theatre.
Print Book, English, ©1990
Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, ©1990
327 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm.
9780801839689, 9780801839696, 0801839688, 0801839696
Sexual indifference and lesbian representation / Teresa de Lauretis
"Lesbian" subjectivity in realism : dragging at the margins of structure and ideology / Jill Dolan
Frame-up : feminism, psychoanalysis, theatre / Barbara Freedman
Hélène Cixous's 'Portrait de Dora' : the unseen and the un-scene / Sharon Willis
Refusing the romanticism of identity : narrative interventions in Churchill, Benmussa, Duras / Elin Diamond
The cult of true womanhood : toward a womanist attitude in African-American theatre / Glenda Dickerson
'A raisin in the sun' : anniversary of an American classic / Margaret Wilkerson
The female subject in Chicano theatre : sexuality, "race," and class / Yvonne Yarbro-Bejarano
Beyond Brecht : Britain's new feminist drama / Janelle Reinelt
Feminism and the Jewish subject in the plays of Sachs, Atlan, and Schenkar / Vivian Patraka. Unbodied figures of desire (on 'Troilus and Cressida) / Carol Cook
Playing the woman's part : feminist criticism and Shakespearean performance / Lorraine Helms
Anti-historians : women's roles in Shakespeare's histories / Phyllis Rackin
Painting women : images of femininity in Jacobean tragedy / Laurie A. Finke
Beatrice-Joanna and the rhetoric of love in 'The changeling' / Sara Eaton
Women's performance art : feminism and postmodernism / Jeanie Forte
Performative acts and gender constitution : an essay in phenomenology and feminist theory / Judith Butler
Gender ideology and dramatic convention in progressive era plays, 1890-1920 / Judith Stephens
Travesty and transgression : transvesticism in Shakespeare, Brecht and Churchill / Anne Herrmann
The female entertainment tradition in medieval Japan : the case of 'Asobi' / Ying-Hee Kim Kwon