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Pornography : women, violence, and civil liberties

Does freedom of speech always play a more important role in society than the civil rights of certain members of that society? Is pornography an excuse to publish acts of violence? Many respected writers, both men and women, have contributed to this definitive collection of essays concerning pornography. Each has an individual view, but they all hold two beliefs in common: a passionate opposition to censorship and a vehement conviction that until pornography is eradicated, women's status can never be equal to men's. Thoroughly researched and passionately argued, these essays examine the possible causal links between pornography and rape, child abuse, and sexual inequality. Material from soft-porn to snuff movies is analyzed. This work includes interviews with alleged victims of pornography and professionals who have treated the alleged perpetrators of pornography-related violence. Contributors include Andrea Dworkin, Michael Moorcock, Catherine MacKinnon, James Check, Susanne Kappeler, Diana Russell, John Stoltenberg, Corinne Sweet, Tim Tate, and Ray Wyre. The Case Against Pornography is an important contribution to the anti-pornography debate
Print Book, English, 1992
Oxford University Press, Oxford [England], 1992
ix, 645 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
9780198252917, 9780198257554, 0198252919, 0198257554
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The pornography industry and its product; pornography and power; pornography and evidence of harm; pornography and the law; pornography, censorship and civil liberties.