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Principles of the harpsichord

Michel de Saint-Lambert, Rebecca Harris-Warrick (Translator, Editor)
Saint Lambert's Principles of the Harpsichord of 1702 was the first tutor for harpsichord to be published in France. It draws upon the dance-oriented harpsichord style developed during the reign of Louis XIV by such masters as Jacques Champion de Chambonnierès, Louis Couperin, and Jean Henry d'Anglebert. In subject matter it ranges from the fundamentals of music through questions of meter and tempo to particulars of harpsichord technique and ornamentation. Because of its broad scope it is an important source of information about both late seventeenth-century French performance practice and music theory. It provides a good complement to Francois Couperin's well-known book l'Art de toucher le clavecin of 1717 in that it deals with the musical style of the generation preceding Couperin and includes subjects not discussed by him. Although nothing is known about Saint Lambert himself, it is clear from this work that as a teacher he was thorough, sympathetic, and open-minded. His book is deserving of a place on the shelf of anyone, professional or amateur, who is interested in the music of the Grand Siècle. For this first English edition, Rebecca Harris-Warrick has added a substantial introduction and full annotation throughout the text [Publisher description]
Print Book, English, 1984
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge [Cambridgeshire], 1984
Methods (Music)
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Principles of the harpsichord
Final remarks
Menuet ; Gavotte / [pieces by Saint-Lambert]
Appendix A : Pieces cited by St. Lambert
Appendix B : Ornament tables of composers cited by St. Lambert
Appendix C : Compendium of St. Lambert's ornament examples
English version of: Principes du clavecin
Translation of: Les principes du clavecin