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Ray Dalio (Author)
eBook, English, 2018
Simon & Schuster, New York, New York, 2018
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9781982112387, 1982112387
Intro; Dedication; Introduction; Part I: Where I'm Coming From; 1 My Call to Adventure: 1949-1967; 2 Crossing the Threshold: 1967-1979; 3 My Abyss: 1979-1982; 4 My Road of Trials: 1983-1994; 5 The Ultimate Boon: 1995-2010; 6 Returning the Boon: 2011-2015; 7 My Last Year and My Greatest Challenge: 2016-2017; 8 Looking Back from a Higher Level; Part II: Life Principles; 1 Embrace Reality and Deal with It; 2 Use the 5-Step Process to Get What You Want Out of Life; 3 Be Radically Open-Minded; 4 Understand That People Are Wired Very Differently; 5 Learn How to Make Decisions Effectively Life Principles: Putting It All TogetherSummary and Table of Life Principles; Part III: Work Principles; Summary and Table of Work Principles; To Get the Culture Right . . .; 1 Trust in Radical Truth and Radical Transparency; 2 Cultivate Meaningful Work and Meaningful Relationships; 3 Create a Culture in Which It Is Okay to Make Mistakes and Unacceptable Not to Learn from Them; 4 Get and Stay in Sync; 5 Believability Weight Your Decision Making; 6 Recognize How to Get Beyond Disagreements; To Get the People Right . . .; 7 Remember That the WHO Is More Important than the WHAT 8 Hire Right, Because the Penalties for Hiring Wrong Are Huge9 Constantly Train, Test, Evaluate, and Sort People; To Build and Evolve Your Machine . . .; 10 Manage as Someone Operating a Machine to Achieve a Goal; 11 Perceive and Don't Tolerate Problems; 12 Diagnose Problems to Get at Their Root Causes; 13 Design Improvements to Your Machine to Get Around Your Problems; 14 Do What You Set Out to Do; 15 Use Tools and Protocols to Shape How Work Is Done; 16 And for Heaven's Sake, Don't Overlook Governance!; Work Principles: Putting It All Together; Acknowledgments; About the Author; Conclusion Appendix: Tools and Protocols for Bridgewater's Idea MeritocracyBibliography; Index; Copyright