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Procedural law and economics

Chris William Sanchirico (Editor)
With contributions from some of the leading scholars in law and economics, this comprehensive book summarizes the state of economic research on litigation, procedure and evidence.
Print Book, English, 2010
Edward Elgar Pub, Northampton, Mass., 2010
400 Seiten.
9781847208248, 184720824X
Contents:Introduction1. Adversarial versus Inquisitorial JusticeLuke M. Froeb and Bruce H. Kobayashi2. Appeal and Supreme CourtsLewis A. Kornhauser3. Attorney-Client ConfidentialityGillian K. Hadfield and Shmuel Leshem4. Class ActionRobert G. Bone5. Conflict of Laws and Choice of LawErin O’Hara O’Connor and Larry E. Ribstein6. Criminal Procedure: Empirical AnalysisThomas J. Miles7. Detection Avoidance and Enforcement TheoryChris William Sanchirico8. DiscoveryRobert G. Bone9. Evidence: Theoretical ModelsChris William Sanchirico10. Fee ShiftingAvery Wiener Katz and Chris William Sanchirico11. Judicial Organization and AdministrationLewis A. Kornhauser12. Negative-Expected-Value SuitsLucian A. Bebchuk and Alon Klement13. PreclusionRobert G. Bone14. Self-incriminationAlex Stein15. SettlementAndrew F. Daughety and Jennifer F. Reinganum16. The Social versus Private Incentive to SueThomas J. Miceli17. Trial Selection Theory and EvidenceKeith N. Hylton and Haizhen LinIndex