Front cover image for Proceedings, Image and Vision Computing New Zealand 2006 : Great Barrier Island, New Zealand 27th-29th November 2006

Proceedings, Image and Vision Computing New Zealand 2006 : Great Barrier Island, New Zealand 27th-29th November 2006

Print Book, English, 2006
CITR, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Auckland, Auckland, N.Z., 2006
Conference papers and proceedings
xii, 531 pages : illustrations ; 30 cm
9780473117924, 9780473117931, 0473117924, 0473117932
Posters : Signal/image processing. Parameter analysis for mixture of Gaussians Model / Qi Zang and Reinhard Klette. Performance evaluation of accurate ellipse fitting / Kenichi Kanatani. Rectifying images for stereo vision / Y. Lin [and others]. An image data hiding scheme being perfectly imperceptible to histogram attacks / Hung-Min Sun, Yao-Hsin Chen and King-Hang Wang. Chromatic variance prediction / Robert N. Grant and Richard D. Green. Near optimal non-uniform interpolation for image super-resolution from multiple images / A. Gilman and D.G. Bailey. Storing and accessing large images using summed area tables / Volker Hilsenstein. A comparison of noise in CCD and CMOS image sensors / K. Irie [and others]. Pros and cons of the nonlinear LUX color transform for wireless transmission with motion JPEG2000 / T. Totozafiny, F. Luthon and O. Patrouix. Moment-based local descriptor using scale invariant keypoints / Jae-Sun Han, Gwang-Gook Lee and Whoi-Yul Kim. A hybrid approach to man-made structure extraction from natural scenes / Hang Zhou, David Suter and Konrad Schindler. Accelerating calibrated stereo correspondence through concurrent processing / Nathan Adams and Richard Green. Local texture patches for active appearance models / N. Faggian, A.P. Paplinksi and J. Sherrah
Oral : Signal/image processing Modified Kalman filtering for image super-resolution / C. Newland, D. Gray and D. Gibbins. Affine normalized contour invariants using independent component analysis and dyadic wavelet transform / Asad Ali and S.A.M. Gilani. VQ-based data hiding in images by minimum spanning tree / Hung-Min Sun [and others]. Morphology-based stable salient regions detector / E. Ranguelova and E.J. Pauwels. A study of 3rd and 4th order Tikhonov smoothing term influence on the convergence of active contours / Moqing Zhang and Patrice Delmas. Iterative target calibration using conformal geometric algebra / Robert J. Valkenberg [and others]
Oral : Security. Fingerprint matching using enhanced shape context / Paul W.H. Kwan, Junbin Gao and Yi Guo. Towards real time difference imaging in the far blue (390-440nm) / G.M. Miskelly and J.H. Wagner. Watermarking on 3D model / Chia-Yen Chen and Chi-Fa Chen. License plate detection and classification using a space displacement neural network / M. Johnson, A. Barczak and S. Russell. Multiscale contrast patterns for image tamper detection / M.K. Bashar [and others]
Posters : Visualisation and graphics. Interactive styling of virtual hair / Rui Zhang and Burkhard Wünsche. Classification of 3D LIDAR point clouds for urban modelling / E.H. Lim and D. Suter. Real-time interaction techniques for meshless deformation based on shape matching / Alex Henriques and Burkhard Wünsche. Terrain reconstruction using LADAR and optical sensor data from an unmanned air vehicle / D. Gibbins [and others]. Image processing of cyro-electron micrographs of helical crystals : 3D architecture of a novel bacterial appendage / J. Li [and others]. Public interactive display using front-projection and infrared-pass filter camera / Cheng-Tse Chu, Dandi Duan and Richard Green. Simulation of multi-polarisation SAR imagery / S.J. McNeill [and others]. Extracting surface curvature from noisy scan data / J. Rugis. Occlusion removal in image for 3D urban modelling / E.H. Lim and D. Suter. Modelling interactions with a computer representation of the upper gastrointestinal system / Gastélum Alfonso and Márquez Jorge. Acquiring visual hulls by voxels / Yu-Xuan Hong and Richard Green. Simulation of medical imaging modalities : a tool for numerical evaluation of image processing algorithms / F. Uhlemann. Analysis of different interference contrast microscopy images of the retina / D.H. Wojitas [and others]. ROBPCA-SIFT : a feature point extraction methods for the consistent with epipolar geometry in endoscopic images / J.S. Oh [and others]. Towards nuclear phenotype recognition in single channel fluorescence microscopy images / I. Sintom [and others]
Oral : 3D. The Waikato range imager / M.J. Cree [and others]. Digital speckle photogrammetry / Yizhe Lin [and others]. Interactive hand-held 3D scanning / R.J. Valkenburg [and others]. 3D visualisation techniques for Multi-Layer Display[TM] technology / Vijay Prema, Gary Roberts and Burkhard Wünsche. SRICP : an algorithm for matching semi-rigid three-dimensional surfaces / Ajmal Mian, Mohammed Bennamoun and Robyn Owens
Posters : Applications. Objective colour measurement of tomatoes and limes / H.M.W. Bunnik, D.G. Bailey and A.J. Mawson. Athlete performance video overlay / S. Sarjeant and R. Green. Image processing of meat images for visible/near infrared spectroscopy reference / Lee Streeter, G. Robert Burling-Claridge and Michael J. Cree. Quality assessment of retinal images / Y. Kwon, A. Bainbridge-Smith and A.B. Morris. Results of a multiple-baseline interferometric synthetic aperture sonar in shallow water / M.P. Hayes. Monocular tracking of swimmers from a stationary viewpoint / C.P. Huynh and R. Green. Accounting for user familiarity in user interfaces / C.A.D'H Gough, R. Green and M. Billinghurst. Image denoising using a new line-field / Ngoc-Thuy Le and Kah-Bin Lim. Augmenting sports grounds with advertisement replacement / D.K. Barrow and R. Green. A hybrid approach for tracking eye pupils / M. Schoo and R. Green
Oral : Bio-medical imaging. Ultrasound image segmentation with multilayer perceptron-based level sets / M. Mora, C. Tauber and H. Batatia. An automated system for microscopy imaging and analysis of histology slides with an application in sheep meat morphometry / V. Hilsenstein, P. Jackway and P. Allingham. Morphological averaging of anatomical shapes using three-dimensional distance transforms / Márquez Jorge [and others]. Image analysis and modelling of disorder in the myosin lattice of vertebrate muscle / C.H. Yoon [and others]. Vision based human activity detection for eldercare and security / Nigel Pereira, Liyanage C. De Silva and Amal Punchihewa. Automatic recognition of light-microscope pollen images / G.P. Allen [and others]
Posters : Recognition and detection. Tracking articulated objects using improved particle filters / Martin Tosas and Li Bai. Detection and removal of global and local noise in realtime video streams / A. Clark and R. Green. Matching moving objects by parts with a maximum likelihood criterion / Eric Dahai Cheng and Massimo Piccardi. Semi-supervised silhouette detection for thermal imaging / Surya Prakash and Antonio Robles-Kelly. A simple and efficient eye detection method in color images / D. Sidibe, P. Montesinos and S. Janaqi. Access control with session based face tracking / Amadeus Rainbow and Richard Green. A new rapid feature extraction methods for computer vision based on moments / A.L.C. Barczak and M.J. Johnson. A robust efficient motion segmentation algorithm / Hongzhi Gao and Richard Green. Camera egomotion tracking using markers / Brendon Kelly and Richard Green. Fast and adaptive block-based motion estimation for video coding / G. Sorwar and M. Murshed. A simple model-free approach to posture recognition / R. Raghavan, K.C. Aw and S. Xie. Genetic programming for object detection / Mengjie Zhang, Urvesh Bhowan and Bunna Ny. Object indexing and recognition / F. Souami and S. Aouat
Oral : Motion/image processing. Detection of cirrus streak utilizing cloud shape and movement / H. Ikeda, R. Saegusa and S. Hashimoto. Region-based MRF model for moving object segmentation / S.K. Hwang and W.Y. Kim. Structured combination of particle filter and kernel mean shift tracking / A. Naeem, S. Mills and T. Pridmore. Image segmentation using an active contour model / Byeong Rae Lee, YongKyu Kim and Hyunchul Kang. Joint outliers and principle component analysis / Georgy Gimel'farb, Alexander Shorin and Patrice Delmas. Integrated test pattern generator and measurement algorithm for colour compression artefacts in ubiquitous colour spaces / G.A.D. Punchihewa, D.G. Bailey and R.M. Hodgson
Oral : Stereo. 3D reconstruction from an uncalibrated long image sequence / T. Osawa [and others]. Stereo vision : concurrent matching vs optimism / Georgy Gimel'farb [and others]. Image intensifier characterisation / A.D. Payne [and others]. Noise models for symmetric dynamic programming stereo / Zhen Zhou, Georgy Gimel'farb and John Morris
Oral : Applications. Tracking iris surface deformation using elastic graph matching / Sammy S.S. Phang, Wageeh Boles and Michael J. Collins. Perceptually correct image space soft shadows / R. Rountree, R. Rayudu and D. Brebner. Hardware implementation of the maximum subarray algorithm for centroid estimation / S.J. Weddell and B.N. Langford. A study of GPU implementation of March's regularization method for optical flow computation / Yoshiki Mizukami and Katsumi Tadamura. Determination of average wind velocity using generalised SCIDAR / J.L. Mohr [and others]
"Savant, HRS, ControlVision."
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