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Psalms. 1-50

Print Book, English, ©1983
Word Books, Waco, Tex., ©1983
375, [3] pages ; 23 cm.
9780849902185, 9780850094404, 0849902185, 0850094402
The origins of psalmody in Israel
The compilation of the psalter
Psalm titles
The psalms and the problem of authorship
Hebrew poetry and music
Theological perspectives on the Book of Psalms
The place of the Book of Psalms in the Old Testament
Chapter and verse numbers in the psalms
The psalms in recent research
The psalms and Ugaritic studies
An introductory psalm of wisdom (1:1-6)
A coronation psalm (2:1-12)
A psalm of protection (3:1-9)
A psalm of confidence (4:1-9)
A psalm of sickness (6:1-11)
A psalm of protection (7:1-18)
A hymn in praise of creation (8:1-10)
An acrostic psalm (9:1-10:18)
A psalm of confidence (11:1-7)
A lament (12:1-9)
An individual lament (13:1-6)
A wisdom psalm (14:1-7)
A psalm of preparation for worship (15:1-5)
A psalm of confidence (16:1-11)
A prayer for deliverance (17:1-5)
A royal thanksgiving psalm (18:1-51)
A wisdom hymn (19:1-15)
A royal liturgy (20:1-10)
A royal liturgy (21:1-14)
A liturgy for one threatened with death (22:1-32)
The shepherd psalm (23:1-6)
A hymn to the king of glory (24:1-10)
A prayer of trust (25:1-22)
Preparation for admission to the temple (26:1-12)
A royal ritual (27:1-14)
A liturgy of supplication (28:1-9)
A hymn to God's glory (29:1-11)
Praise for deliverance from the danger of death (30:1-13)
Prayer and thanksgiving (31:1-25)
The blessing of forgiveness (32:1-11)
A hymn to the creator (33:1-22)
An acrostic psalm (34:1-23)
A royal psalm for international crisis (35:1-28)
A meditation (36:1-13)
An acrostic psalm of wisdom (37:1-40)
A sick person's prayer (38:1-23)
A meditation on the transitory nature of life (39:1-14)
A royal liturgy of supplication (40:1-18)
A liturgy for the sick (41:1-14)
The lament of an individual (42:1-43:5)
A national lament after defeat in battle (44:1-27)
A royal wedding song (45:1-18)
A psalm of confidence (46:1-12)
A psalm of God's kingship (47:1-10)
A hymn of Zion (48:1-15)
A wisdom psalm (49:1-21)
A prophetic covenant liturgy (50:1-13)
The meaning of selah
The translation of tenses
Acrostic psalms in the psalter