Front cover image for Psychology and law in a changing world : new trends in theory, research and practice

Psychology and law in a changing world : new trends in theory, research and practice

Examines the link between criminal psychology and the practice of law.
Print Book, English, 2001
Routledge, London, 2001
xiii, 283 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9780415271431, 0415271436
Introduction: Psychology and Law at the End of the Century / Giovanni B. Traverso and Alfredo Verde
pt. 1. Causes and Prevention of Offending
1. The Need for a Coordinated Program of Cross-National Comparative Longitudinal Research / David P. Farrington
2. Early Prevention of Delinquency / Anna C. Baldry and Frans W. Winkel
3. Empathy and Offender Behavior: The Motivational Context / Adelma M. Hills
4. Social Information Processing in Bullies, Victims, and Competent Adolescents / Thomas Bliesener and Friedrich Losel
pt. 2. Studies of Crime and Offenders
5. Homicide and Attempted Homicide in Genoa over a Thirty Year Period / Giovanni B. Traverso, Lara Bagnoli and Silvio Ciappi
6. Matricides and Patricides: Comparisons from a U.S. Forensic Sample / John L. Young, Marc Hillbrand and Reuben T. Spitz
7. Offender Profiling and Degree of Violence in a Homicide Sample / Josef K. Gierowski and Maciej Szaszkiewicz
8. Greying Prisoners in a Greying Society: Empirical Study of Elderly People in German Prisons / Arthur Kreuzer and Hein-Juergen Schramke
pt. 3. Victim Issues
9. Fear of Crime: Age, Gender and Urbanization, Results from West and East Germany / Helmut Kury
10. Victimization and Lifestyle Among Drug Abusers / Serge Brochu, Isabelle Parent and Anne Chamandy / [and others]
11. Victim and Offender Mediation in the Juvenile Justice System / Anna C. Baldry and Gilda Scardaccione
pt. 4. Testimony and Witness Issues
12. The Cognitive Interview in Forensic Investigations: A Review / Mark R. Kebbell, Rebecca Milne and Graham F. Wagstaff
13. 'Try Again': The Cognitive Interview or Free Recall? / Laura Campos and Maria L. Alonso-Quecuty
14. Mental Reinstatement as a Technique to Enhance Children's Recall / Paul M. Dietze and Donald M. Thomson
pt. 5. Studies of Legal Processes
15. Therapeutic Jurisprudence in a Comparative Law Context / David B. Wexler
16. Restitution and Mediation as Forms of Restorative Justice: A Viable Alternative to Revengeful Justice / Elmar G.M. Weitekamp
17. From Juror to Jury Memory of the Evidence / Ramon Arce, Francisca Farina and Carlos Vila / [et al.]
18. Polygraphy in Poland / Josef Wojcikiewicz
19. The Assessment of Fitness to Stand Trial in Australia: A Proposed Assessment Tool / Astrid Birgden and Donald M. Thomson
"Contains a selection of contributions to the 6th European Conference on Psychology and Law held in Siena in August 1996"--Page xiii