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The regulation of contracts

This text is volume III of a five-volume reference work that surveys the entire literature on law and economics. The entries consist of two elements: a review of the literature by an authority in the field and a bibliography which covers most of the published material in the particular area.
Print Book, English, 2001
Elgar, Cheltenham [u.a.], 2001
XVI, 1205 S : graph. Darst.
9781858989860, 1858989868
Contract law - general theories, Richard Craswell; contractural choice, Scott E. Masten; long-term contracts and relational contracts, Morten Hviid; contract formulation, Boudewijn Bouckaert and Gerrit de Geest; implied terms and interpretation in contract law, George M. Cohen; unforeseen contingencies - risk allocation in contracts, George G. Triantis; contract remedies - general, Paul G. Mahoney; penalty clauses and liquidated damages, Gerrit De Geest and Filip Wuyts; contract remedies - forseeability, precaution, causation and mitigation, Eric A. Posner; warranties, Klaus Weht; rights and obligations of third parties, Aristides N. Hatzis; general theories of regulation, Johan den Hertog; information regulation (including regulation of advertising), Paul H. Rubin; licensing, market entry regulation, Shirley Svorny; product safety regulation, Alessandra Arcui; products liability, Mark Geistfeld; price regulation - a (non-technical) overview, Janet S. Netz; antitrust law, Patrick Van Cayseele and Roger van den Bergh; regulation of natural monopoly, Ben W.F. Depoorter; labour law and employment regulation - general; labour contracts, Ann-Sophie Vandenberghe; minimum wage legislation, Simon Deakin and Frank Wilkinson; employment discrimination, Stewart J. Schwab; occupational safety and health regulation, Sidney A. Shapiro; collective bargaining and worker participation; the theory of the firm, Nicolai J. Foss, Henrik Lando and Steen Thomsen; limited liability, William J. Carney; the separation of ownership and control, Stephen G. Marks; the market for corporate control (including takeovers), George Bittlingmayer; insider trading, Stephen M. Bainbridge; regulation of the securities market, Edmund W. Kitch; insurance regulation, Seth J. Chandler; marriage contracts, Anthony W. Dnes; sexual regulation; gifts, wills and inheritance law, Pierre Pestieau; renting, Werner A. Hirsch; regulation of banking and financial markets, Dirk Heremans; regulation of the legal profession, Frank H. Stephen and James H. Love; the regulation of medical professions, Reed Neil Olsen; the pharmecutical industry, Patricia M. Danzon; franchise contracts, Anthony W. Dnes; transportation; international trade, Alan O. Sykes; land and livestock contracting in agriculture - a principal-agent perspective, Charles R. Knoeber; telecommunications; public utilities, Rick Geddes.
Reprinted 2001