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Sexual violence : opposing viewpoints

Explores both sides of the issue of sexual violence, including essays offering opposing viewpoints on the causes of rape, the role of pornography, and society's view of sexual victimization
Print Book, English, ©2003
Greenhaven Press, San Diego, ©2003
218 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
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Rape is a natural biological act / Randy Thornhill and Craig T. Palmer
Rape is not a natural biological act / Barbara Ehrenreich
Pornography causes sexual violence / Fear Us
Pornography does not cause sexual violence / American Civil Liberties Union
Traditional male/female roles promote sexual violence / Alyn Pearson
Rape is frequently used as a weapon of war / Barbara Crossette
Schools often contribute to child sexual abuse / Economist
Rape is a serious problem / Mary P. Koss
The prevalence of rape has been exaggerated / Neil Gilbert
Child sexual abuse is a serious problem / Rebecca M. Bolen and Maria Scannapieco
Some professionals exaggerate the problem of child sexual abuse / Thomas D. Oellerich
Child sexual abuse by priests is widespread / Andrew Sullivan
Child sexual abuse by priests is not widespread / Wilton D. Gregory
Women should tell their stories of sexual victimization / Martha T. McCluskey
Women should avoid claiming status as victims / Katie Roiphe
Repressed memories of sexual abuse are valid / James Lein
Repressed memories of sexual abuse are a hoax / Rael Jean Isaac
Battered woman syndrome is a valid defense / Douglas A. Orr
Battered woman syndrome is not a valid defense / Joe Wheeler Dixon
Chemical castration can help reduce sexual violence / Christopher Meisenkothen
Chemical castration is unconstitutional and often ineffective / Larry Helm Spalding
Community notification laws can help reduce sexual violence / Alan D. Scholle
Community notification laws may be ineffective / Joshua Wolf Shenk
Rape shield laws are necessary / Mary E. Bahl
Rape shield laws are unfair / Cathy Young