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Student retention at the community college : meeting students' needs

Jill Biden
This Executive Position Paper (EPP) studies student retention in the community college and Delaware Technical & Community College in particular. The paper focuses on four areas of students' needs: academic, psychological, social, and physical. An overview of the paper is given, and an introduction to Delaware Technical & Community College is presented. First, the nature of the pre-tech (developmental) population is discussed. Then, a literature review offers current research by experts in the field. In addition, the results from pre-tech students, faculty, and advisor surveys and interviews are analyzed. Statistical information underscores the problem of retaining students, and personal accounts from students provide insight as to why students drop out. Overall, problem areas are identified, and recommendations and solutions are offered and encouraged
Thesis, Dissertation, English, 2007
University of Delaware
Academic Dissertation
vi, 129 pages ; 29 cm
Principal faculty advisor: Barbara Curry, School of Education Access to citation, abstract and download form provided by ProQuest Information and Learning Company; downloadable PDF file, 136 p.