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Trends and issues in instructional design and technology

Trends and Issues in Instructional Design and Technology is intended to provide readers with a clear picture of the field of instructional design and technology, the trends and issues that have affected it in the past and present, and those trends and issues likely to affect it in the future. Professionals in the field need to be able to do more than just perform the skills associated with IDT. They need to be able to clearly describe the nature of the field, be familiar with the field's history and its current status, and be able to describe recent trends and issues that are having, or are likely to have, an impact on the field. The purpose of this book is to help readers attain these goals. - Publisher
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What Field Did You Say You Were In? Defining and Naming Our Field
Characteristics of Instructional Design Models
A History of Instructional Design and Technology
Psychological Foundations of Instructional Design
Constructivism in Practical and Historical Context
The Learning Sciences: Where They Came From and What It Means For Instructional Designers
Designing for Problem-Solving
Instructional Theory and Technology for a Post-Industrial World
Motivation, Volition, and Performance
Evaluation in Instructional Design: A Comparison of Evaluation Models
An Introduction to Return on Investment
Managing On-Site and Virtual Design Teams
Managing Scarce Resources in Training Organizations
The Development and Evolution of Human Performance Improvement
Performance Support
Knowledge Management And Learning: Perfect Together
Informal Learning
Instructional Design in Business and Industry
Instructional Design Opportunities in Military Education and Training Environments
Performance, Instruction, and Technology in Health Care Education
IDT in P-12
What Do Instructional Designers Do in Higher Education? A Written Symposium
Developing Learning to Meet Complex Challenges for an Undivided World
IDT in Asia
IDT in Europe
Getting an Instructional Design Position: Lessons From a Personal History
Getting a Job in Business and Industry
Professional Organizations and Publications in Instructional Design and Technology
E-Learning and Instructional Design
Reusability and Reusable Design
Web 2.0 and Social Networking
Using Rich Media Wisely
Games and Learning
Designing in Virtual Worlds
Professional Ethics: Rules Applied to Practice
Diversity and Accessibility
The Changing Nature of Design
Debate: The Benefits of Different Levels of Instructional Guidance