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Truth in fiction

The essays collected in this volume are all concerned with the connection between fiction and truth. This question is of utmost importance to metaphysics, philosophy of language, philosophical logic and epistemology, raising in each of these areas and at their intersections a large number of issues related to creation, existence, reference, identity, modality, belief, assertion, imagination, pretense, etc. All these topics and many more are addressed in this collection, which brings together original essays written from various points of view by philosophers of diverse trends. These essays con
eBook, English, 2011
Ontos Verlag, Frankfurt, 2011
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Blank Page; Acknowledgments; Introduction FRANCK LIHOREAU; Fictional Characters and Indeterminate Identity TERENCE PARSONS; Two-Dimensionalism and Fictional Names BRENDAN MURDAY; Classical Possibilism and Fictional Objects ERICH RAST; How Creationism Supports Kripke's Vichianism on Fiction ALBERTO VOLTOLINI; Creating Non-Existents GRAHAM PRIEST; Sweet Nothings: The Semantics, Pragmatics, and Ontology of Fiction FRED ADAMS; Fiction and Acceptance-Relative Truth, Belief and Assertion R.M. SAINSBURY; Fictional Realism and Its Discontents ROBERT HOWELL; The Fiction of Creationism FREDERICK KROON. VirtualWorlds and Interactive Fictions GRANT TAVINORFiction, Indispensability and Truths MANUEL REBUSCHI & MARION RENAULD; References; Blank Page; Notes on Contributors; Index Free eBook from the Internet Archive Additional information and access via Open Library