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Typewriter, Manual

Wycoff, Seamans & Benedict (Manufacturer)
This typewriter was used by Paul Laurence Dunbar, prominent African-American poet of the late-nineteenth century and native of Dayton, Ohio. This typewriter is a Remington Standard No. 6. It is made of metal, which has been painted black. A border of three thin, parallel lines are trimmed around the edges of the black metal areas. The three lines are gold, blue, and gold in color. The typewriter is an up-stroke machine with a four-row QWERTY keyboard, with upper- and lower-case letters, lacking 1 and 0 keys. The L-shaped carriage return lever is on the upper-right side of the machine. On the black rectangular paper-rest is "Remington" brand name and a red trademark seal with typewriter logo and caption "To save time is to lengthen life" and "Standard Remington Typewriter." On the back of the typewriter is written "This machine is fully protected by American and foreign patents." The typewriter rests on a wood board with screws imbedded that allow the cover to attach. The cover is black metal with a gently molded top to fit the shape of the machine. The cover has a gold "Remington" brand on the front. The handle on top has a wood cylindrical handle grip over a bent-metal rod inserted in two metal posts with eyes. The cover attaches to the bottom wood board at front with a hinged clasp and at both sides with two swing-down hooks that secure around screws
Object, English, 1890-1906
1 item : black, gold ; 32 x 41 x 33 cm
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