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Uyghur human rights web archive

Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation (Compiler), Archive-It (Firm) (Host institution)
"The Uyghur Human Rights Web Archive is a collaborative project led by the Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation to preserve web resources (including full websites, videos, images, PDF files) documenting the displacement and repression of Uyghurs, Uzbeks, Tatars, and Kyrgyz peoples in East Turkestan/Xinjiang. The creators of these websites include but are not limited to: Charitable trusts and associations; Educational institutions; Financial institutions; Government agencies; Individuals; News agencies; Non-governmental organizations; and Political parties. While the focus of the archive is East Turkestan/Xinjiang, the selected resources come from many countries and regions, e.g., North Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, and East Asia, and are in a variety of languages."
Website, Chinese, 2021
Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation, New York, 2021