Front cover image for Venturing beyond the classroom

Venturing beyond the classroom

Print Book, English, [2010]
DRI Press, Saint Paul, Minn., [2010]
viii, 532 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.
9780982794609, 0982794606
Introduction: half-way to a second generation / Christopher Honeyman & James Coben
Lessons from the field : first impressions from second generation negotiation teaching / Kenneth H. Fox, Manon A. Schonewille & Esra Çhuadar-Gürkaynak
Instructors heed the who: designing negotiation training with the learner in mind / Roy J. Lewicki & Andrea Kupfer Schneider
Re-orienting the trainer to navigate
not negotiate
Islamic cultural values / Phyllis E. Bernard
Can we engineer comprehensiveness in 'negotiation' education? / Gwen B. Gracia-de Vera
Ancient wisdom for the modern negotiator: what Chinese characters have to offer negotiation pedagogy / Andrew Wei-Min Lee
Straight off the deep end in adventure learning / James Coben, Christopher Honeyman & Sharon Press
Orientation and disorientation: two approaches to designing 'authentic' negotiation learning activities / Melissa Manwaring, Bobbi McAdoo & Sandra Cheldelin
Bring negotiation teaching to life: from the classroom to the campus to the community / Lynn P. Cohn & Noam Ebner
A look at a negotiation 2.0 classroom: using adventure learning modules to supplement negotiation simulations / Salvador S. Panga, Jr. & Gwen B. Grecia-de Vera
Is what's good for the gander good for the goose? a 'semi-student' perspective / Adam Kamp
Adventure learning: not everyone gets to play / David Allen Larson
A second dive into adventure learning / Sharon Press & Christopher Honeyman
Get ripped and cut before training: adventure preparation for the negotiation trainer / Yael Efron & Noam Ebner
Simulation 2.0: the resurrection / Noam Ebner & Kimberlee K. Kovach
Enhancing concept learning: the simulation design experience / Daniel Druckman & Noam Ebner
Using role-play in online negotiation teaching / David Matz & Noam Ebner
What travels: teaching gender in cross-cultural negotiation classrooms / Andrea Kupfer Schneider, Sandra Cheldelin & Deborah Kolb
Emotions: a blind spot in negotiation training? / Marion Patera & Ulrike Gamm
If I'd wanted to teach about feelings I wouldn't have become a law professor / Melissa Nelken, Andrea Kupfer Schneider & Jamil Mahuad
Relationship 2.0 / Noam Ebner & Adam Kemp
Bazaar dynamics: teaching integrative negotiation within a distributive environment / Habib Chamoun-Nicolas, Jay Folberg & Randy Hazlett
Should we trust grand bazaar carpet sellers (and vice versa)? / Jean-François Roberge & Ray J. Lewicki
Navigating wickedness: a new frontier in teaching negotiation / Christopher Honeyman & James Coben
Negotiating wicked problems: five stories / Calvin Chrustie, Jayne Seminare Docherty, Leonard Lira, Jamil Mahuad, Howard Gadlin & Christopher Honeyman 00 "Adaptive" negotiation: practice and teaching / Jayne Seminare Docherty
Design: the U.S. Army's approach to negotiating wicked problems / Leonard Lira
Two to tango / Ranse Howell & Lynn P. Cohn