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Women in the Antarctic

In Women in the Antarctic, you'll discover how the world's social and scientific communities know much more about the Antarctic because of the female navy personnel, reporters, pilots, and expedition leaders who have challenged - and tamedits icy, snowswept domain
Print Book, English, ©1998
Harrington Park Press, New York, ©1998
xviii, 250 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm.
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If you fail, there won't be another woman on the Antarctic continent for a generation / Irene C. Peden
If women are in science and science is in the Antarctic, then women belong there / Sister Mary Odile Cahoon
We persevered in a world that did not want us to succeed, and we did, and we did it together / Ann Bancroft
Survival mode / Sue Giller
Skiing with the big girls: an intense experience of relationships in an incredible environment / Anne Dal Vera
I really felt that there were spirits on the continent that were taking care of us / Sunniva Sorby
Studying polar women / Gloria Leon
You just get to stand there and see how nature reacts to you / Paige Martin
I was amazed at how much I was affected by Antarctica / Kerry-Anne Mammone
I get a high from the Antarctic / Sarah
It's just not a routine stop in life / S. McDonald
This is kind of like being on the moon / Jane M. Alstott
I'm glad I did it, but I can never turn the clock back to spend those six months with my son / Eva Flores
I'm more adventuresome than the guys who went to work on Wall Street / Karen
A little slice of heaven / Berneice F. Albright
The silence was incredible / Kathy Bojack
I went to Antarctica when my children were all married / Sandra Kenady
I don't mean to exaggerate when I say it was the best decision I ever made / Janet Gluck
Navy women in the Antarctic / Marie D. Thomas, Patricia J. Thomas
Women out of place: the gendered geography of Antarctica / Joni Seager
The psychology of social and personal life on an isolated frontier: U.S. women in the Antarctic / Jacqueline S. Weinstock