Front cover image for Yes yes y'all : the Experience Music Project oral history of hip-hop's first decade

Yes yes y'all : the Experience Music Project oral history of hip-hop's first decade

Jim Fricke (Author), Charlie Ahearn (Author, Photographer), Experience Music Project
Hip-hop today is ubiquitous, dominating not only the music industry but also popular culture around the world. Like rock and roll before it, it has permanently transformed music, art, dance and fashion while capturing millions of listeners - and this vast cultural revolution was all started by a bunch of street kids in the ravaged Bronx of the 1970s. Documenting hip-hop's remarkable genesis, this book tells its stories in voices that bristle with vitality, character, humour and menace, tracing the music from DJ Kool Herc's first parties in 1973 through the release of "Rapper's Delight" in 1979 and the rise of the new school in the mid 1980s. Fricke and Ahearn weave an electric narrative from the accounts of over 50 of hip-hop's founders and stars, old school and new, including Afrika Bambaataa, Grandmaster Flash, DJ Kool Herc, Melle Mel, Grand Wizard Theodore, Grandmaster Caz, Rahiem, Fab 5 Freddy, Tony Tone and DMC. A wealth of previously unseen photographs, flyers and posters illustrate the text. This work is a chorus of voices, a tale of artistry in the face of extraordinary adversity, and the definitive history of a revolution created with nothing more than a microphone, a turntable and a dance floor [Publisher description]
Print Book, English, 2002
Da Capo Press, Cambridge, MA, 2002
[xvi], 340 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 24 cm
9780306811845, 9780306812248, 9781903985571, 0306811847, 030681224X, 1903985579
Introduction / Nelson George
Rocking : gang culture and the beginnings of hip-hop
Forefathers : B-boy and DJ culture in the Bronx
MCs take the stage : the rise of MC crews. Origins of the MC ; Crews, security, and violence at parties ; B-boys ; Blackout of 1977
And you don't stop : the scene matures. Flyers and artists
Rapper's delight : hip-hop goes commercial
Fresh, wild, fly and bold : the scene : 1980-1981. The women ; The club scene in the Bronx
All around the world the same song : hip-hop takes over
Epilogue : no boundaries